The Voice 9: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)

It’s the culmination of the 9th season The Voice and yes it was that fast! This show needed some season break interval at some point but I guess the ratings and impact is still giving the producers and the network so much money, a break is nowhere near the future.

Anyway, season 9 has been spoiled since the blind audition of eventual winner Jordan Smith. Not that he is bad singer nor a terrible kid, but the obvious pimping from the coaches backed up with a great story line and edit is just the perfect recipe for his crown. Not to mention, he was an itunes jaggernaut seller!

But even if the season became lame and predictable, I must say there are really incredible performances that define this season of The Voice.

So with no further adieu, here are my subjective list of which I think were the 20 Best Performances of The Voice 9.

Ivonne Acero
Blind Auditions

– From her tone alone, I fell in love with Ivonne from the moment she opened her mouth. It was rich, interesting and there’s a good quirk on it that is recognizable without being too polarizing. Was it a perfect audition? No. But it was memorable enough to stand out.

Jeffery Austin
Top 10

– On my ears, Jeffery is the real stand out of the season. Save from his finale performances, he was the most consistent and probably a personal favorite of mine. His weakest of his best performances (his audition was good for honorable mention) on my list is his take on now popular Labyrinth’s hit, Jealous. His control is breathtaking. The dynamics he displayed is simply solid.

Zach Seabaugh
Live Play-Offs

– Look, Zach isn’t the best vocalist on Team Blake but to my surprise everything work on him during this performance. The beginning was cool and then when the band kicks in, it was another level of energy and the hip grinding was just an added touch. He sounded good and there’s just an infinite charisma in his confidence on stage that was remarkable that night.

Jeffery Austin
Top 11

Dancing on my own is yet another reality show favorite to cover this year and Jeffery took a risk in doing such not so popular track. Again he sounded really good on the track and there is beauty in his storytelling that created a magical momentum from a now dark horse artist of the competition.

Ivonne Acero

– Ivonne was screwed over when someone else is choosing songs for her. She nailed it when she did Katy Perry’s Part of me because aside from she chose the song, all the beauty of her tone and the great control that she showed is quite lovely.

Emily Ann Roberts
Top 10

– Beautiful! Just a sublime performance and I am saying this as a person who isn’t a country fan. The way she navigated her verses were lovely and there is just gorgeousness in the totality of her delivery.

Ellie Lawrence
Blind Auditions

– Ellie is probably one of the most memorable auditions of the season. It is not as pimped as that of Jordan or underrated like that of Jeffery but it was well recognized, well received and well performed.

Jeffery Austin

– Sam Smith during the auditions then Adele on his knockouts? Jeffery is giving me happy chills! Rightfully he did cover an underrated Adele song and gave it justice. It was beautiful, understated and just lovely in all moments.

Madi Davis
Top 10

– At first I was afraid that Madi would crash and burn just like what happened to Joey Cook (AI14) this year with the same song but there is something interestingly solid in Madi’s cover. She just kept an iconic 80s song and make it sound current. Sure it was a bit too dark but I digress.

Lyndsey Elm
Blind Auditions

– Lyndsey’s audition is solid! I enjoyed every bit of it. From tye quirky arrangement that she infused with her style yet keeping it with the original. The tone of her voice is lovely. The arrangement was interesting and her phrasing is just lovely.

Jeffery Austin
Instant Save

– Once he started opening his mouth, I knew he rightfully deserve to be saved and sent through the finale. It wasn’t as gritty as Matt McAndrew or a diva version like that of Koryn Hawthorne but it was simply soulful with a nice touch of ad libs and the liberties he took were breathtaking.

Andi & Alex
Blind Auditions

– It was ethereal. The combination of their voices were just beautiful! To me it was the best audition of the season. And it worked in all sorts of magical gorgeousness!

Jordan Smith
Top 12

– The simplicity in his delivery is what sold me especially in that first half. It was the perfect song choice and it gave us a more heartfelt insight of Jordan without any sorts of pimping from the coaches.

Jeffery Austin
Top 12

– Jeffery is building up a steam for his resume and after that fantastic play-offs performance? I never really thought he would deliver yet another solid one! Taking James Bay’s Let it go, I thought it was a homerun. From his emotional connection to his fantastic dyanmics, Jeffery is just making it easy for me to love him more.

Amy Vachal
Top 11

– Sure, I always thought Amy can deliver decent performances but could either be sleepy in the end or decently bland. But her take on this Taylor Swift megahit is surely her best to date. It was interesting, memorable and technically solid.

Jeffery Austin
Top 9

– Sublime! I love how he slowed it down as it gave a more depth especially with what the song was trying to tell. And then Jeffery sung it beautifully with a gorgeous phrasing, not so over the top runs and the ending just sealed it! 

Madi Davis

– Not gonna lie my benchmark for this song would always that amazing performance of James Wolpert (Season 5) but Madi gave a really competent take on it too. It was sublime, lovely and strong.

Korin Bukowski/Chase Kerby
Battle Rounds

– You may be surprised, but my favorite battle for this season is the gorgeous of this Korin-Chase duel! It was all sorts of loveliness. Their voices just blended well. It was like butter that is melting beautifully and I can’t really complain. Though not techically perfect, it is just so hard to resist!

Jordan Smith
Top 9

– Glorious! I always say he is definitely a fantastic vocalist but with the pimping I feel like his magic got taken a bit away but with this performance? I was just left in awe. It was unbeleivably stunning!

Jeffery Austin
Live Play-Offs

– I’m done! Best. Of. The. Season. Thank You!


The Voice US 8: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)

A total of 32 performances this season that caught my attention. I was giddying enough to appreciate those performances so please bear with me when I say that it was really tough to narrow the list down to the 20 Best Performances and 5 Honorable Mentions.

As a tradition, I usually just choose 20 but with a pool of talent as good as this season, I decided to include honorable mentions so that those who were so close will be rewarded. Haha.

The list is completely bias and subjective. Of course it is by personal taste, so you might not see your favorites or maybe some performances you think were ranked too low or too high will result to our disagreement. But then the way to resolve it is to comment away so I would know your personal list.

Now here is my list for this season.


Koryn Hawthorne
Top 12
Watch it here.

Lexi Davila
Watch it here.

Meghan Linsey
Top 6
Watch it here.

Corey Kent White
Watch it here.

Koryn Hawthorne
Watch it here.

– –

Sawyer Fredericks

– Sawyer got lucky that this extra song and self-penned of Ray Lamontagne was given to him by the man himself. It was perfectly suited for him and out of the 4 finalists’ original music, his was probably the best and could really chart well in the folk genre. Not to mention, Sawyer’s vocals here were spot on and he was able to convey that connection that is usually cold in his other performances. This performance also is the final nail in sealing his status as the eventual winner of The Voice Season 8. Watch it here.

Corey Kent White
Blind Auditions

– Corey looked and sound generic on paper but somehow when he started singing this tune, it went all out of the window. Corey sounds very current – country current – that everybody would enjoy in the radio today. His vocals sounded gorgeous. And Corey is very marketable with his looks and boy next door charm. Watch it here.

Rob Taylor
Live PlayOffs

– Rob’s runs were usually overwrought in his early performances but here, it was more controlled. There are dynamics in his performances that made this work. His vocals sounded pretty good: His phrasing – a little muddled – but better. Plus, the way he navigated the verses of his performance is really compelling. Good job! Watch it here.

Koryn Hawthorne

– Koryn gave out the best performance of the night during the finale. It’s just unfortunate she end up in the last place and she performed first. The vocals here were really strong and solid. Her phrasing is gorgeous and this is her best enunciated verses she ever had. Watch it here.

16. STAY
India Carney & Clinton Winston
Battle Rounds

– It was a stellar battle. What’s best thing about this battle is that it never really felt like a battle. Both India and Clinton’s vocals were gorgeous. The harmonies were tight and beautiful. The vocal choices were spot on. There are really fun battles during this season but this one completely blew them out of the water. Watch it here.

Mia Z
Blind Auditions

– Her runs reminds me of Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande combined. It was delicious, tasty and gorgeously sound. Her phrasing sounded lovely and her vocals were spot on. Mia had this appeal that draws you in and the blues on her delivery gave out so much soul and texture. This is really good. Watch it here.

Kimberly Nichole
Top 6

– The power vocals were outstanding. Kimberly commanded the stage like no other and her vocals were not just big and bizarre, but they were crazy good. That back bend was an art! This performance was intese – in a good way – that I was wanting for more after. Watch it here.

India Carney
Top 5

– Who knew India can pull something as delicate as this? It was a right mixture of restraint and power. Her vocal choices were spot on. Her runs were not too much and she was able to control her vibratto which was an issue from her since the beginning of the competition. Also, this is her most connected on a song to date. Watch it here.

Joshua Davis

– Joshua is a fantastic story teller. The way he navigated the verses of this song is soothing with so much emotion and powerful attachment that made the whole performance compelling, emotional and beautifully sang. Watch it here.

Travis Ewing
Blind Auditions

– The risk that he took with the song choice earned him enough extra points. To tackle a woman song and not just by a solo artist but by an R&B group is risky but Travis made it work. His rendition of this Destiny’s Child hit is gorgeous. It was sexy, sultry but masculine enough. His vocals were gorgeous and his phrasing sounded very lovely. Watch it here.

Corey Kent White
Live PlayOffs

– Corey took a song and interpret it beautifully. His tone is dominating the track but not in a bad way. He was able to convey the right emotions, phrased the verses gorgeously and deliver an honest, lovely and sincere version of this song. Probably his best to date. Watch it here.

Mia Z

– Mia has this appeal that is very her. Her tone is simply gorgeous and pleasantly quirky. That quirk is not polarizing but you know that it is her. The song actually allowed Mia to navigate the verses beautifully. Her vocal choices were fantastic and the liberty he took with the song is fantastic! Watch it here.

Sawyer Fredericks
Blind Auditions

– Different but cool. Unpretentious and flattering. His tone made him sound like no other. His audition was gorgeous. It was simple, relevant and annoyingly beautiful. At first, I really felt iffy with his tone but as the performance went on, it was actually a very good audition. Watch it here.

Meghan Linsey
Top 12

– The girl who screams her lungs out! The girl has no chill but somehow during this week, she was able to control her hoarse vocal powers and deliver a stunning interpretation of Littel Big Town’s current hit. There is a control in here. She connected well with the track. Her vocals were pleasantly lovely. Really good job! Watch it here.

Brooke Adee
Blind Auditions

– This is my faborite audition this season. Brooke’s voice just won me over from the moment she opened her mouth to the times she navigated the verses of this song. It was solid, vocally spot on and overall fantatsic! Watch it here.

India Carney
Top 5

– This is the week where India brought and she managed to go out of the competition with flying colors. I mean how can people not vote for her two marvelous performance that night is unbelievable. Her best work? The “Earth Song”. It was just vocally spot on! Her phrasing sounded fantastic. Her choices were moving. The intensity and power she put in the song is something that we haven’t really saw from her. It was just right there – powerful but not screamy, intense but not too much and it was just a great performance overall. Watch it here.

Mia Z
Live PlayOffs

– Mia’s bluesy take on the song gave a huge contrast from what we usually hear when artists’ do an interpretation of this. Her vocals sounded really gorgeous. The liberties she took were spot on and her phrasing is simply beautiful. Watch it here.

Koryn Hawthorne
Top 10

– This is Koryn’s breakout moment. It was just a gorgeous vocal performance! It was full of raw power and solid vocals. Great stuff! Watch it here.

Kimberly Nichole
Top 12

– Kimberly is a beast! Her take with this song is simply outstanding. It was vocally great. It was beautifully delivered. Kimberly is just an amazing performer! Watch it here.

Kimberly Nichole
Live PlayOffs

– HOLY COW, she’s a vocal beast! Amazing performance. Enough said. Watch it here.

The Voice US 8: Meet the Top 12

This is probably the strongest crop of artists the voice US had built to date. I mean, we saw some talented and strong artists being let go left and right but the remaining people are still strong. Nothing to take away from the previous seasons but this season is pretty damn solid all in all. I just hope they are also translating well to the audience.

Season 8 could be the season where Pharrell and Christina could get their first crown especially with Pharrell having the early front runner and itunes topper, Sawyer Fredericks, plus he still has two belting, young divas on his team. With Christina, her three people were pretty solid as well and were looking as they could really take on any song any moment of time. We could also expect Blake to give a good fight because in his side, he has the perfect formula for another win. Corey Kent White is good looking, a guitar playing young guy, and his genre is.. well, country! With Adam, he had the potential dark horse of the competition and even if his team is weaker than his usual, he has his ways of making moments. Case in point: Chris Jamison & Matt McAndrew of Season 7, Christina Grimmie of Season 6.

Now here is the usual rundown of who made it to this season’s top 12. I also included their best performance to date and some song suggestions that I think would be perfect for them.



Road To Lives: Original Team Blake Member. Won his Battles. Stolen during the Knockouts. Adam chose him in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Knockouts – Nothing Ever Hurt Like You

Song/s Suggestion: You Make It Real (James Morrison); I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz)


Road To Lives: Original Team Adam Member. Wins her Battles & Knockouts. Public Choice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Blind Auditions – All I Want

Song/s Suggestion: Jar Of Hearts (Christina Perri); Young & Beautiful (Lana Del Rey)


Road To Lives: Original Team Blake Member. Stolen in the Battles. Wins his Knockouts. Public’s Choice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Knockouts – Arms Of A Woman

Song/s Suggestion: Geronimo (Sheppard); Night Changes (One Direction)

– –


Road To Lives: Original Team Christina member. Wins her Battles. Stolen in the Knockouts. Pharrel’s Choice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Knockouts – Try

Song/s Suggestion: Nobody’s Perfect (Jessie J); Leave Your Lover (Sam Smith)


Road To Lives: Original Team Pharrell member. Wins her Battles & Knockouts. Public’s Vote in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): PlayOffs – Ain’t No Sunshine

Song/s Suggestion: Fix You (Coldplay); Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra)


Road To Lives: Original Team Pharrell member. Wins his battles & knockouts. Public’s Vote in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Blind Auditions – I’m A Man Of Constant Sorrow

Song/s Suggestion: Home (Michael Bublè); The Scientist (Coldplay)

– –


Road To Lives: Original Team Christina Member. Wins her Battles & Knockouts. Public’s Vote in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Battles – Stay

Song/s Suggestion: Vision Of Love (Mariah Carey); Chandelier (Sia)


Road To Lives: Original Team Pharrell Member. Stolen in Battles. Wins her Knockouts. Public’s Vote in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): PlayOffs – What’s Up

Song/s Suggestion: You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette); Say You Love Me (Jessie Ware)


Road To Lives: Original Team Christina Member. Wins her Battles & Knockouts. Christina’s Choice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): PlayOffs – Earned It

Song/s Suggestion: Turning Tables (Adele); Lay Me Down (Sam Smith)

– –


Road To Lives: Original Team Blake Member. Wins his Battles & Knockouts. Public’s Vote in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Knockouts – Live Like You Were Dying

Song/s Suggestion: Always On My Mind (Willie Nelson); Amnesia (5 Seconds Of Summer)


Road To Lives: Original Team Blake member. Stolen by Pharrell in Battles. Stolen Back by Blake in Knockouts. Blake’s Choice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Knockouts – Higher Love

Song/s Suggestion: Dark Horse (Katy Perry); Piece Of My Heart (Janis Joplin)


Road To Lives: Original Team Pharrell member. Stolen in Battles. Wins her Knockouts. Public’s Voice in Live Play-Offs.

Best Performance (so far): Blind Auditions – Love Hurts

Song/s Suggestion: Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney); Edge Of Glory (Lady Gaga)

The Voice US 7: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Season 7 is turning out to be a tad underwhelming season not until out of nowhere Chris Jamison and Matt McAndrew rose to the occasion and deliver great to fantastic performances.

In a nutshell, we saw Pharrell finding it hard to use the current music book and managed to give his artists some of the most outdated song choices to date. Gwen is so sweet and lovely and she turns out to be a pretty interesting coach. Some front runners suddenly fell in the loser bin and end up if not getting eliminated early, they didn’t even reached top 12. And of course the biggest story told in this season is how Blake won his fourth reign and how he absolutely won the competition despite being against a full team of Adam in the finals. Country voters rock!

Nonetheless, here are what I thought were the 20 best performances of Season 7.

Here you go.


20. Toia Jones
Crazy In Love

– The performance is full of energy and fun and her delivery is an entertainment at its best. Not mention, her vocals didn’t suffer that much despite her working the stage. Too bad nobody stole her.


19. Ricky Manning
Lay Me Down
Live Play-Offs

– Sure, he was a little wobbly in the beginning but once he picked up, he never looked back. Ricky’s tone sounded lovely and there is a delicate satisfaction in his delivery that I find endearing. His falsettos – not perfect – but soaring when not affected.


18. Reagan James
Live Play-Offs

– I never really thought this will work but it did. Her performance isn’t perfect but it has qualities that were pleasant and strong. The arrangement highlighted Reagan’s tone and her voice is simply front and center.


17. Team Gwen
Results Night

– This has been the best group performance since Team Adam’s “Shake it out”. The individual verses sounded beautiful and once they sang together, it was lovely. The production looked nice and their harmonies sounded really gorgeous.


16. James David Carter
Nobody Knows
Blind Auditions

– The silky quality in his voice is divine. His phrasing is smooth and there is something about his audition that drawn me in so much interest. He is a country singer and it is rarely I enjoy performances of such but JDC made me root for him.


15. Chris Jamison
Uptown Funk
Live Shows – Top 10

– It was a risk for Adam to give this song to Chris because 1) it is not yet that known and 2) it is wordy, which was Chris’ problem during the Play-Offs. But then somehow, Chris worked on his phrasing. His tone sounded significantly gorgeous. His performance is simply a joy to watch. Plus, there is confidence in his delivery that is quite endearing.


14. Anita Antoinette
Redemption Song
Live Shows – Top 12

– Her intonation sounded beautiful. There is so much passion in here that I think really work in translating the message and connecting it with so much emotions. She’s a believable story teller and her pitch was on point.


13. Chris Jamison
Live Shows – Top 5

– Beat that Adam! Chris sounded way better than the original. Haha. Although I still love Adam, there’s no denying that Chris pulled this one with flying colors. He grew well on the competition and his stage presence is oozing with so much charisma. His vocals were great as well.


12. Ricky Manning
Wrecking Ball

– Seriously? Pharrell lets go of him? Haha. Such a shame. Ricky surprised me this week. He totally outdone Elyjuh. His vocal dynamics were superb. Her tone sounded gorgeous. And everything just worked pretty much well here. And that glory note? Woooh! Crazy good.


11. Jean Kelley

– There’s enough drama in here that worked pretty well. Her vocals were mostly on point. Her phrasing, a little airy, sounded lovely still. Plus, she connected well with the song and with her audience that she was able to create an inviting presence while singing.


10. Taylor John Williams
Live Shows – Top 8

– The arrangement, I never thought will work but it smartly did. There is a different vibe created in here and TJW sounded really well. His vocals were front and center and this is the first time I really got why people were so drawn with him.


9. Chris Jamison
Live Shows – Top 12

– This is the moment where we were reintroduced on who Chris is. His delivery is simply impeccable. The vocal choices were on point. He sounded really great and he worked his stage pretty well.


8. Matt McAndrew
Make It Rain
Live Shows – Top 5

– The element of dark, core-inviting worked really well in this Ed Sheeran track. Matt absolutely killed it from his well vocal dynamics to his solid delivery.


7. Chris Jamison & Adam Levine
Lost Without U

– Perfect! Chris and Adam sounded beautifully great in their duet. The individual verses were strong and their harmonies sounded divine. This could be their record and I am for sure it will sell like hotcakes. Plus, they both exudes that sexy yet gentleman quality in their delivery that made me swoon over and over again.


6. Matt McAndrew
Wasted Love

– It was the best written and produced original song of the season. After performing this, Matt clearly has the best track and could potentially sell records post season. His vocals were front and center. The track has the qualities that define what kind of artist Matt is.


5. Troy Ritchie
Out Of My League
Blind Auditions

– Probably the most underrated performance of the season. This audition speaks volumes of great quality, radio-friendly stylings and a solid cover. Troy is a riveting artist and it shows here. His personality is there. His vocals were fantastic. The vocal choices were superb. Why did only Gwen appreciated this? I am still weirded out by the other coaches lack of judgment.


4. Taylor Phelan
Sweater Weather
Blind Auditions

– BEST. AUDITION. SO. FAR. Taylor provided color in this cool-inspired track. The warmth was put in another level of warmth and I didn’t bother. It was confidently deliver. It was lovely in whole parts. And the vocals were simply outstanding!


3. Matt McAndrew
Take Me To Church
Live Shows – Top 12

– Where did this came from? I thought Matt is just that acoustic crooner but he shed his inner alternative rock artist in this performance. It was riveting, solid and vocally stunning!


2. Chris Jamison
Cry Me A River

– This was the moment a lot were waiting for since Chris was always compared to JT. At first, I wasn’t sure with the song choice and would prefer “Mirrors” instead but somehow, during the live shows, everything just clicked! His vocals were on point. His phrasing is solid. His delivery is probably his most confident ever. Chris should win this whole thing because his growth is just spectacular!


1. Chris Jamison
When I Was Your Man
Live Shows – Top 5


The Voice US 6: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Season 6 is basically a battle between Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie, the latter is the foreseen front runner. With a little touch of good to great performances from other contestants, this season will go down as the season both the production and the coaches doing some riskiest moves. The ridiculous Instant-Save is still on play and that actually saved the butt of Christina Grimmie — who placed 3rd — to eventually get eliminated pre-finals. Twice Battle Rounds stage is simply…. stupid? And of course, eventual winner, was supposed to be eliminated during that round thanks to Usher’s precious steal.

But then with those boo-boos in the playing field, this season still produced probably two of the best performance ever performed in this show… EVER. And the will go down on this show’s history.

Nonetheless, with Usher taking a break and Shakira on her maternity leave after this season.. I am here to present my list of 20 Best Performances of Season 6.


20. Delvin Choice
Bright Lights
Live Shows – Top 10

– There’s a confidence in his performance that created swag and ease that resonated well in his stage presence. The vocals weren’t perfect but he manged to keep us entertained.


19. Jake Barker
She Will Be Loved
Live Play-Offs

– I like Jake. His tone is lovely and smooth. There’s something pleasant about his delivery that I root for. I must admit, the performance is not perfect at all. But the light quality backed with his solid falsetto made me want to look forward on his chances on the show. Too bad, Adam is way too invested with Delvin.


18. T.J Wilkins & Cierra Mickens
Get Here
Battle Rounds 2

– The only battle that mattered this season. Haha. The song choice felt perfect for the two. They managed to deliver solid verses and then matched each other during the times when needed. Plus, there vocals were on point all the time.


17. Madilyn Paige
Blind Auditions

– The quality of her voice seems to be a favorite on this show. From Melanie Martinez to Caroline Pennell to Holly Henry, we’ve heard that before. Her vocals cracked in parts but her vocal
choices is simply stunning. The way she navigated her verses felt silky smooth albeit some wobbly notes.


16. Josh Kaufman
One More Try
Blind Auditions

– Vocally stunning. Solid falsetto. Great dynamics. Amazing audition.


15. Kat Perkins
Live Shows – Top 5

– This performance is polarizing. And to sing a Sia song, it will be brave and risky. But for me, Kat made it work with her voice. It wasn’t perfectly delivered but she was able to connect with song and at the same time, she was singing on pitch.


14. Audra McLaughlin
Results Night

– Why did Blake not give these kinds of song to her during the past weeks? This is perfect for her. There is so much personality. It matches her age. She was singing on point and it wasn’t boring at all.


13. Bria Kelly
Steamroller Blues
Blind Auditions

– That grit on her voice is delicious. The way she masterfully control it but still unleash a power that is compelling made me consider her as this season to watch for. I hope she won’t crumble further on.


12. Josh Kaufman
I Can’t Make You Love Me
Live Shows – Top 8

– As tired as the song choice is (seriously Usher?), this is still a solid performance from Josh. His voice is silky smooth. His control is fantastic. And his delivery is vulnerable enough that it was able to surface peacefully and sweetly around the stage. You just have to be drawn at him during this moment.


11. Christina Grimmie & Adam Levine
Somebody That I Used To Know

– Christina and Adam were perfect match at this point. Their ability to support each other while giving solid verses is impeccable. Their tone was simply gorgeous.


10. Caleb Elder
Groove Me
Blind Auditions

– Underratedly entertaining. And it is not just because he was funny, but his delivery is full of personality. Not to mention, his pitch was on point and his tone is lovely yet pop quirky.


9. Dani Moz
Edge Of Glory
Live Play-Offs

– Dani, all this time, is living under the radar. I never really thought she existed until this. It was smart, not perfect but compelling. Her tone was gorgeous. The phrasing is lovely. Her vocal dynamics were spot on.


8. Christina Grimmie
How To Love
Live Shows – Top 8

– Not as successful as that Drake track she did, still Christina delivered a pretty solid attempt to rearrange this hip-hop track. It’s like she mastered that style no? A little shrill during the high register but I find this still, outstanding.


7. Josh Kaufman
Love Runs Out
Live Shows – Top 5

– Josh was pegged as someone who can only sing R&B Ballad and boom he did One Republic. an uptempo track that showcased how fantastic a vocalist Josh is. His pitch was nice. His vocal control is spot on. His delivery, to me, is entertaining and technically strong. Never thought this will work, but he proved all of us wrong.


6. Christina Grimmie
Wrecking Ball
Blind Auditions

– Probably will go down as the best audition for this season. Christina was famous on youtube prior this show and her take on this Miley Cyrus hit is, in simple terms, fantastic! Her tone is lovely. Her dynamics were amazing. The way she navigted her verses is impeccable!


5. Christina Grimmie
Dark Horse
Live Shows – Top 12

– The first verse added color to this performance. When she started on that dark, haunting style.. it made me want to look forward on what she’s up to next. There is build up here and it worked effortlessly. Her tone sounded beautiful albeit shrill in parts. Her phrasing is fantastic and over all she managed to pull off something like this.


4. Tess Boyer
Live Play-Offs

– Tess’ ability to transition from her high registers to the low ones and go back and forth is simply amazing. Her tone sounded nice. Her delivery is nuanced beautifully. And that glory note? Right on the money!


3. Josh Kaufman
It Will Rain
Live Play-Offs

– There’s drama in his performance that isn’t theatrical. His tone provided color in this performance. His phrasing sounded beautiful and his delivery, passionate and soulful!


2. Josh Kaufman
Stay With Me
Live Shows – Top 12

– Josh proved to us why he is a dependable vocalist and how strong he is in ballads. His delivery is simply beautiful. It was phrased gorgeously. It was, in the right word, divine!


1. Christina Grimmie
Hold On, We’re Going Home
Live Shows – Top 10

– Seriously? FANTASTICLY GENIUS!!!! Christina brought her A-Game with this performance and I swear there’s no stopping her. This was simply: AH-MAY-ZIIING!

The Voice US 5: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Cee-Lo’s awful song choices. Blake-Adam’s funny bromance. Christina’s boobs. Great set of artists. The fall of three front runners. A rise of underdog turned dark horse. Ridiculous Instant-Save twist. This is basically the juice of season 5 of the voice.

Sure, we saw some spectacular performances from the Blind Auditions until the Finale night but some minor flaws left me thinking whether the voice is really a platform of future recording stars or just a singing competition entertainment. Nonetheless, just like last season, here is my personal pick of 20 best performances for season 5.

Here you go.


20. Shelbie Z
Last Name

– Woah. Where did this came from? Shelbie Z was oozing with confidence and impeccable swag on that stage while performing this Carrie Underwood hit. Her vocals were gorgeous and there is a remarkable stage presence that is undeniable.


19. Holly Henry
The Scientist
Blind Auditions

– Hauntingly beautiful. Sure her voice cracks a bit in parts but the gorgeous tone and impeccable pitch made this audition compelling.


18. Kat Robichaud
You Oughta Know

– Crazy good! Kat is a polarizing artist and I love her. Her take on this Alanis Morissette song is enough. Not much grit but there is an undeniable power and drama that created dynamics within.


17. Brandon Chase
Blind Auditions

– A guy playing the guitar backed up with a charismatic face and lovely tone? This is a perfect formula for a potential winner. Brandon is marketable and his delivery of Hunter Hayes’ Wanted is simply gorgeous. His phrasing is lovely and his pitch is spot on.


16. Cole Vosbury
Let Her Go

– With enough grit and emotional connection with the song, Cole managed to pull a strong rendition of this song. There are dynamics in this performance that I simply adore.


15. Matthew Schuler
Cough Syrup
Blind Auditions

– From the moment he opened his mouth, there’s an incredible pitch that bursts with color and confidence that I know the coaches heard that’s why for a matter of seconds they all turned around. Matthew has this lovely tone and it is very evident. His pitch is lovely and his enunciation is velvety!


14. Caroline Pennell
The Way I Am

– Beautiful! Her vocals were divine. Her pitch is lovely. Her phrasing is fantastic: There is something incredibly soothing while listening to her that I personally adore. Loved this!


13. Matthew Schuler
Cosmic Love

– He won the night against Will and I think it is because of his incredible display of dynamics. From the low notes to the soaring vocals, Matthew pulled this song like it was for written for him. His pitch was spot on as well!


12. Will Champlin
When I Was Your Man

– For me, Will won this round like for a few points. I enjoyed this more than Matthew’s performance. Though there are parts where his vocals sounded shrill especially during the high notes, but his delivery is vulnerable and well conmected. His pitch wasn’t perfect but it gorgeously nuanced!


11. Matthew Schuler & Jacob Poole
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)
Battle Rounds

– Entertaining at its best. I was surprised no one stole Jacob. This was a vocal battle and I thought both won. Matthe has a lovely pitch while Jacob’s solid rock fest is undeniable. I really enjoy this battle. It was more like a “performance” than two people battle it out which I thought is a good thing because both were outshining each other while sharing the light to soar. Great!


10. Jacquie Lee
Who’s Lovin’ You
Live Shows – Top 8

– I am not the biggest fan of Jacquie because I find her tone quite shrill. But this surprised me leaps and bounds. Her tone sounded clear and pitch perfect. Her phrasing is lovely and there is dynamics in here thag is impeccable!


9. Tessanne Chin
Redemption Song
Live Shows – Top 6

– Her vocals were simply outstanding. The way she phrased the verses were beautiful. The clarity on her deliver is gorgeous and over all, it fits like a glove for Tessanne.


8. Will Champlin
At Last
Live Shows – Top 8

– Who would have thought? And Will rose in the right time and in the right moment. Nobody expected this from Will but he pulled this off real nice. His nuance was impeccable. His delivery is spot on. His vocals is right on the money.


7. Cole Vosbury
Live Shows – Top 12

– And then this happened. Cole surprised everyone with a stunning rendition of Miguel’s Adorn. Stripped from his usual stylings, Cole pulled a gorgeous, spot on and compelling R&B performance. It was delightful and fantastic.


6. Tessanne Chin
Underneath It All
Live Shows – Top 8

– Tessanne pulled a break from all those soaring vocals display and deliver a vibrant, pleasant performance that showcased more of her personality but still she managed to show her dynamics. It was a lovely performance with that breakdown keeping it more cool, entertaining and gorgeous.


5. Matthew Schuler
Live Shows – Top 12

– This performance solidifies Matthew’s run as the front runner of the competition. We’ve heard this song been covered million times before in these reality singing competition shows but his managed to completely ranked right up there maybe in the top 5. His delivery simply divine. The vocal choices were outstanding and even his palpable vulnerability showed strength and power. This is a stunning performance for the first live show.


4. Will Champlin
Not Over You
Blind Auditions

– Probably the audition that was underrated both by the viewers and the coaches. Will displayed passion with power and dynamics backing up his gorgeous vocals. His phrasing possesed clarity and beautiful nuance and his performance is simply something you could listen on the radio. It was impressive and great!


3. Ray Boudreaux
All Of Me
Live Shows – Top 12

– Underrated. That’s the story behind this gorgeous performance. Sure he cracked a little but that actually created magic and vulnerability with his delivery that is impeccable. His tone is lovely. His vocal choices were spot on. His falsetto is on point. His delivery made every girl swoon over him, not to mention hsi simple styling puts an emotional impact to it.


2. Caroline Pennell & Anthony Paul
As Long As You Love Me
Battle Rounds

– To date, probably the best battles we’ve seen on this show. On paper, you would thought it won’t work but somehow Anthony and Caroline managed to make it work. The power yet simplistic soothing delivery of Caroline created dynamics in this battle while Anthony managed to keep the R&B essence in tact with his performance. It was match made actually and a stunning battle to be proud of.


1. James Wolpert
A Case Of You
Live Play-Offs

– I fell in love with him from the dramatic spotlight to his styling to his delivery which is simple yet emotionally intact. The vocal cracks were beautiful as if it wasn’t intentionally inflected. But the truth is, this was probably that moment that created magic and vulnerabilty that made this performance not just compelling but outstanding.

The Voice US 4: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Unexpected eliminations. A fall of a front runner. Clear dominance of country vote. Steals. Shakira. Usher. Blake-Adam bromance. Great performances. This has been the story of season 4 of the voice.

I love every bit of this season despite some questionable choices and public’s WTF votes, this is still a season worth watching. From Usher’s crazy coaching style to Blake’s funny banters and then Adam and Shakira were just too gorgeous to ignore.

Since this is the first time I fully covered the Voice, pardon me if you don’t really agree with my choices for this wrap-up post. And for the obligatory best of the best list, here are my 20 best performances of Season 4.


20. Vedo & Jessica Childress
Locked Out Of Heaven
Battle Rounds

– Both delivered stunning and soaring vocals with so much fun, playfulness and essentially entertainment. I love how they managed to keep their vocals on point despite trying to outdone each other. Plus, they worked really well on individual verses to the moments they need to sing together.


19. Justin Rivers
The Climb

– Who knew? Justin sang a Miley Cyrus track and he sounded even way better than her. His vocal choices were terrific. His phrasing was on point and his delivery is not overwrought yet powerful.


18. Josiah Hawley
Sunday Morning
Blind Auditions

– His tone has this sweet spot that when he uses it, you were just drawn into him. His stage presence is oozing with so muh charisma and his nuance is pleasantly beautiful. This sounded not like a straight up copy but he managed to pull that California-summer vibe of the song that made his audition compelling and memorable.


17. Sarah Simmons
Wild Horses

– Her tone enveloped the whole stage with so much ease and passion. Her delivery is simply gorgeous with vocal choices that I never really expect to work but it did. This was stunningly melancholic but it won’t make you sad, it will definitely leave a satisfying smile on your face.


16. Amber Carrington & Sasha Allen
Battle Rounds

– As much as they were trying to outshine each other, the distinctness in their delivery pretty much created dynamics in this performances. And even if this was a battle, it never really felt like that. To sum it up: The performance felt more like they were “performing” per se. The vocals were great. The connection was fantastic and their soaring voices just hit it in the park.


15. Michelle Chamuel

– Gorgeous! It was like the song was meant for her. The production created drama. The vocals were stunning and her delivery, just wow.


14. Judith Hill
You’ve Got A Friend
Live Shows – Top 12

– Sure, the song choice is blah. But Judith managed to deliver something intimate and sincere. Her vocals were front and center. And there is vulnerability in her delivery that is simply lovely.


13. Amber Carrington
Live Shows – Top 8

– Crazy! I mean it in a good way. I never really thought in the entire run of the competition of that Amber could something like this — more so a difficult, Adele track. But she did and she did it beautifully. Although, yes she cracked a little in some parts but still it was really a great vocal performance.


12. Sasha Allen
At Last

– This is how strong Team Adam is. Sasha was a stolen artist from Adam and now enjoying the perks of being the strongest artist in Team Shakira. And she didn’t disappoint. She blew everybody — including me — with her powerful and emotionally nuanced performance of At Last! Great performance.


11. Josiah Hawley
The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Live Shows – Top 12

– Acoustic guitar. White tee. Josiah Hawley. Simple Arrangement. Perfect! I bet all girls and guys(?) were drawn to this beautiful, intimate and yet solid performance from Josiah. His voice was front and center and this was his best to date.


10. Michelle Chamuel
Live Shows – Top 8

– This is a little too theatrical for me but Michelle still manage to pull something spectacular. Her vocals were spot on. The production, a little jarring, but it was probably perfect for the song choice drama. Still, one of the best of the night.


9. The Swon Brothers
Danny’s Song
Live Shows – Top 5

– And Blake pulled the right song choice at the right time. I was ready to write them off during this stage of the competition but then they managed to deliver one of the best performance of the night. The intimate setting was genius. The vocals were great. The dynamics were flawless. Smart move Blake!


8. Sasha Allen
Before He Cheats
Live Shows – Top 6

– You know this season is crazy good when all of a sudden Shakira’s lone artist pulled a fierce, solid and feisty performance of Before He Cheats. It’s a country song and Sasha isn’t a country artist at all. This was flawless. It was confident, vocally spectacular and entertaining!


7. Michelle Chamuel
I Knew You Were Trouble
Live Shows – Top 6

– Fun, entertaining and this completely worked well with Michelle’s personality and vocals. This created a natural connection from Michelle that the public started to root for her. Plus, she sang the hell out of this T. Swift song!


6. Warren Stone
(I Just) Died In Your Arms

– It was so iffy that no one stole him. He was a wasted artist that could potentially do some wonders if given a chance. Warren to me is probably the best male vocalist in the competition. The grit in his tone is simply beautiful. His vocal choices weren’t overwrought and he was simply ozzing with confidence that is not cocky.


5. Amber Carrington
Live Play-Offs

– Amber keeps on surprising me and the interest on her keeps growing on me. She auditioned with a country song, fight her way in the battle rounds and knockouts with a pop song and now she’s taking a big leap of doing an R&B ballad with Rihanna’s big hit, Stay. On paper, you would normally think this is ridiculous but somehow, with her impeccable vocals and gorgeous phrasing, Amber made it work! She’s a serious dark horse in my book right now.


4. Judith Hill
What A Girl Wants
Blind Auditions

– Judith has the biggest hype in this season and her front runner status were written all over her during this audition. Her take on this Christina Aguilera, slow it down and do some genius vocal acrobatics is risky but successful. Her vocals were spot on. Her phrasing was gorgeous and the liberties she took demand attention! Strong and memorable.


3. Team Adam
Shake It Out
Results Night 1

– Sure, this shouldn’t be on the list because it was a non-competition performance but it is hard to disregard this powerful, compelling and beautiful performance of Team Adam during the first results night show. The individual verses were gorgeous, the harmonies was fantastic and the over all performance is, with right word in mind, fantastic!


2. Sarah Simmons
One Of Us
Blind Auditions

– This will go down as one of the best Blind Audition this show has had to date. The moment Sarah opened her mouth and sang the bee-jezus in this song made her a serious threat and contender. It was gorgeous at its best. It was nuanced with so much ease and vulnerability and her ability to play along with her vocal choices is flawless. Prior to this, I thought Judith’s audition will top the list but she actually made me think twice.


1. Michelle Chamuel
True Colors
Live Play-Offs

True Colors, for me is an understatement beauty within. And Michelle managed to capture that magic and relay that intentional emotional connection that solidify her as not just a great singer but a compelling story teller. The performance is just a thing of beauty with great vocals to back it up. This to me is the best of the night and probably the best of the season.