X Factor Australia 7: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)

It short (not really) and fast run but I must say this season of X Factor Australia is a joy to cover and watch. The talent as a whole is pretty solid and the performances were averaging from good to amazing. Plus we welcome two new judges who are bickering back and forth together with the other two judges. One handsome Luke Jacobsz who got a smooch from James Blunt and all in all a really good season of this franchise.

As I usually do on the reality singing shows when a season ends, here is a wrap-up post of the 20 Best Performances that I personally thought stole the show for this season. This is quite subjective. I hust realized how Cyrus Villanueva and the duo of Jess & Matt donimated this season no?

Here you go.

Jess & Matt
Top 12

– There is a husky quality in Jess’ voice that I like. At first I thought it was too breathy but as the performance went on it actually complimented Matt’s vocals. In the end, the two delivered a solid acoustic take on Heart of glass!

Natalie Conway
Top 6

– I have never been a fan of Natalie but I did lover her take on Toca’s Miracle. It was breathtaking, solid and the vocals were top notch! Not to mention, Natalie is flying… literally!

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 12

– The gritty, acoustic take on this Justin Bieber ditty is just the tip of an iceberg from Cyrus as he showed his musicality without coming across as show off and also giving us vocal talent with those falsettos, dynamics and liberties he took that just made this performance compelling and memorable.

Jess & Matt
Top 7

– Jess & Matt’s take on Dancing in the dark is in my taste a delicious, simple sweet revenge! The duo who were put on the bottom 2 multiple times just showed that they are viable artist post X Factor and that they have great vocals to back up their talent! Such a solid cover in my opinion.

The Fisher Boys
Top 12

– The choreography may be so cheesy at some point but there is no denying that The Fisher Boys delivered the strongest performance of Week 1. Their vocals were solid. The remarkable stage presence is impeccable and the group was just outstanding in totality.

Jess & Matt
Top 4

I was made for loving you is a song I never imagined Jess & Matt would sing but they surprised me and it ended up to be oen of the strongest performances of the night. Jess sounded lovely and Matt was simply solid too. The couple also looked beautiful as they took a watercooler performance.

In Stereo
Top 10

– In Stereo had so much potential coming in to the live shows but they started shaky in the early weeks as I feel like Guy hasn’t figured out the strength of his boys. Good thing he took them back on what worked on them. These three young guys were not the biggest voices of the season but the simple, acoustic take on this current Ed Sheeran hit made a difference. Their vocals were solid. The harmonies were beautiful and the individual verses were lovely.

Big T
Top 8

– Big T to me looked like a guy who is just so into himself and the way he presents himself on self rubs me the wrong way as I feel like he is arrogant but I know that is not true but that is what I feel when it comes to his stage presence but that also is the reason why I love his performance of Whole lotta love as it matches the way Big T presented himself. His vocals were over the top beautiful and it was just a solid performance from the big guy.

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 10

– I live the whole production if this performance as it showed us a more fun side of Cyrus. Seriously, I wanna play with that “river” like stage design they did for him. But more than that, Cyrus sounded beautiful and he just made the performance looked easy and simple. His vocals were spot on. He is oozing with so much confidence. 

Louise Adams
Top 8

Dream on is difficult to pull off. But it worked perfectly witg Louise raspy voice! It sounded right with enough play on her dynamics and her phrasing sounded lovely!

10. STAY
Jess & Matt
Top 6

– The production is just commendable! X Factor really do pull off fantastic stage designs/production value. But more than that, the individual verses of this performance is just outstanding. And when they hit the chorus, the blend of their voices sounded beautiful.

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 3

– On a finale night where he needed to reprise his audition, it was smart for him and his mentor Chris to actually do a different take than his fantastic audition. Yes I would love to listen on the acoustic take once again but this pop cover is as good as that. And more so, we saw a popstar rise and deliver a confident, full of slick movements and a quality of performance that looked more like he is a guest rather than a contestant proved that Cyrus will and can exist in the current music industry.

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 7

– Sure, Cyrus didn’t do anything spectacular with this Adele hit but to actually perform a pitch perfect, astonishing phrasing and incredible vocal work on a song that is full of dynamics and I guess hard to pull off? He did a bang up job and I love it! It was vocally spectacular and that bridge where the band allowed us to just listen on the gorgeousness of Cyrus’ vocals? Great stuff!

Jess & Matt
Top 5

– The arrangement at first left me a bit confused but once I got the beauty of it, I thought it was genius and fantastic! And I love how Jess & Matt’s voices blended in the tune. It was a lovely take with some semi-edge things happening on the totality of the performance.

Mahalia Simpson
Top 11

– This is the Mahalia everybody rooted for during the auditions. The quiet, simple and yet emotion full performance allows Mahalia’s vocals to be front and center. And she delivered a phenomenal take on this Lionel Richie hit. 

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 6

– Cyrus is a pro. At this point of the competition, there is no stopping this guy as he showed yet again how he is a reliable vocalist who will deliver time after time. His take om Knockin’ on heaven’s door is simply outstanding. His vocal control is perfect. His tone was lovely. His gorgeous phrasing is superb. What more can I say?

Louise Adams
Top 11

– Louise showed impeccable vocals with sublime dynamics and controlled phrasing. Her vocals sounded lovely with so much ease and passion. And hearing Louise delivered a quiet and full of restraint performance is a breath of fresh air.

Jess & Matt
Top 10

– Jess & Matt in the early rounds were clearly not taken seriously by the public with their numerous appearance on the bottom 2 and I don’t really understand why. This duo as the competition goes on just keeps getting better. One of their highlights is Do you remember where they started showing great vocal dynamics, impeccable chemistry and spot on harmonies. I must admit, I ain’t familiar with the song but Jess & Matt made me look for and download it.

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 3

– During this night, hands down it came to my mind that this is the best performance of the season. But who cares, it was still the winner who delivered the top and runner-up performance of the season. His vocals were not perfect but the emotion he put in it captured how beautiful the song is and how it should be done. Lovely winning monent Cyrus!

Cyrus Villanueva
Top 11

– After watching the whole season once again, I go back and forth.. back and forth and in the end Cyrus’ performance of Wicked Game hands down won me over. This is the time where Cyrus became clearly the front runner of the competition. The way he navigated the song was just pure magic. His vocals were spot on. He caressed every single verse with so much ease and the sublime vocals is like butter melting, smooth and delicious. Well done.


X Factor Australia 6: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


This is my second time to cover the Australian franchise of X Factor. Last season was fun and this season is equally entertaining as well. The judges’ banters were crazy fiesty as well. Ooh Redfoo and Dani don’t backed down. And can I just say that Ronan Keating and host, Luke Jacobz looked really handsome. Oh my!

Nonetheless, it’s been really fun covering this season and I must say I have some favorites that excelled really well on this competition.

Now with no further adieu. Here is my list of 20 Best Performances of X Factor Australia – Season 6. This is really bias so I don’t expect you all to agree with my choices.


20. Brothers 3
Hey Brother
Top 10

– The song choice worked well on the novelty of this act. They were not bad singers but there is something folksy about them that actually fits here. The solos sounded nice and their harmonies were pretty tight.


19. Sydnee Carter
Say Something
Top 10

– The whole production looked nice. The delivery works perfectly on how it was produced and crafted. Her vocals were front and center.


18. Marlisa
Girl On Fire
Top 4

– Her tone sounded pretty well in this track. Her vocals didn’t allow the back track to drown her. The liberties she took were nice. Plus, her pitch is on point all the time.


17. XOX
Top 10

– The individual vocals sounded on point. Serenity’s rap verse was delicious and beautiful. The whole thing because there are dynamics in here that created texture in this performance.


16. Reigan Derry
Dog Days Are Over
Top 7

– I am not sure why some of the judges didn’t like it but I thought this worked pretty well in Reigan’s strength. Her vocals were beautiful. The liberties she took were gorgeous. Plus, this is the most fun I’ve seen Reigan worked the stage.


15. Dean Ray
Stolen Dance
Top 7

– He tried to recreate his “Budapest” moment by doing the same thing with this uptempo track. Dean successfully capture the beauty of the simplistic performance. Sure it wasn’t as great as “Budapest” but he still managed to sing on pitch and work on his strength effortlessly.


14. Tee
Hey Jude
Top 12

– The passion in his delivery is superb. Her vocals weren’t perfect but there is drama – that was enough – and dynamics that he was able to deliver quite well.


13. Reigan Derry
Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Top 4

– Reigan did it exceptionally well. Her vocals were glorious. Her phrasing is simply beautiful. And I love how she manage to connect with the material emotionally and technically.


12. Dean Ray
Coming Back
Top 3 – Finale

– One of the best recorded original song, Dean showed his artistry here but still keeping a radio-friendly essence. His vocals were nicely done and his tone, so divine!


11. Marlisa
Top 3 – Finale

– When she did this during her auditions, it was shrill. But as Marlisa grew in the competition, she managed to work on her pitch, her tone sounded pretty nice and the whole thing worked quite well to her delivery. It was solid, powerful yet vulnerable.


10. Dean Ray
Top 5

– Dean pulled an emotional one here. Despite his vocals cracked in the middle and his wobbly notes, it was still a strong and vulnerable performance that he played well in this performance.


9. Sydnee Carter
Top 9

– The song choice works perfectly on Sydnee’s tone. Her delivery was silky smooth and delicately beautiful. This is Sydnee’s best performance to date.


8. Marlisa
Stand By You
Top 3 – Finale

– Her track sounded radio friendly. It works on her tone pretty well and there are dynamics in her delivery that is simply stunning. This is yet another solid performance from Marlisa.


7. Reigan Derry
Top 13

– She managed to put drama on something dramatic but it worked. Her vocals were beautiful. Her tone sounded divine and her ability to work on her production is simply impressive.


6. XOX
Top 13

– And this happened. These girls surprisingly jell well with each other. They’ve figured out on how to use their vocals in creating dynamics in their performance. Plus the rap verse added additional color on this already solid performance.


5. Jason Heerah
Top 7

– There are parts where he overwrought his verses but the whole performance is simply beautiful. It was well thought. The vocals were strong and the delivery is genuinely impressive.


4. Dean Ray
Into My Arms
Top 6

– Emotionally powerful. His vocals cracked a bit but I guess that adds impact to this very genuine performance. It was a little dramatic but I digress.


3. Marlisa
Top 2 – Finale

– When she did it the first time, it was impressive. But when she performed it during the final 2 showdown? It was over the top amazing! There’s confidence on her delivery thy we haven’t seen before. Her pitch is flawless. Her vocals were spot on. Everything just worked well in her favor.


2. Reigan Derry
Stay With Me
Top 10

– Her playing in the piano is a welcoming surprise. The whole thing proved that she can do ballads too and not just rely on production. Her delivery? Stunning albeit some overdone runs. This is probably Reigan’s strongest performance to date.


1. Dean Ray
Top 9

– Dean pulled this out of his bag of tricks and I fell in love with him. The song choice – not that popular – but to be honest, he made me love it. His vocals, sweet, smooth and perfect. His dynamics were there. The phrasing is impressive. The whole thing just worked perfectly. Who would’ve thought that Dean has this soft side.

X Factor Australia 5: 15 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


This is the first time I’ve covered this franchise of X Factor and surprisingly I enjoyed every bit of it. Of course, there are times that frustrates me because of underwhelming nights but I digress, still love Taylor Henderson. Haha. I usually do list 20 best ones but this time I decide to just have 15 because well, I only have 15 of my (personal) favorite performances this season. Haha

I’ve tried my best not to be extra bias and come up with the most compelling wrap up list for this season. So with no further adieu, here are my 15 Best Performances of X Factor Australia – Season 5.

Here you go..


15. Taylor Henderson
Let Her Go
Top 9

– The beginning sounded divine. With Taylor’s soothing vocals and acoustic guitar, I could listen to it all day long. There’s a little mishap once the band kick in but then he recorvered beautifully and served us a delicious treat.


14. JTR
Want U Back
Top 9

– The individual vocals sounded really nice. The rap verses were on point. The other parts were in particular beautiful. They’ve commanded the stage pretty well. The only thing that I thought I didn’t like is when the band is fully on, their voices were kinda drowned out the track. But still this is maybe their strongest performance to date.


13. Taylor Henderson
I Will Wait
Top 10

– Who would’ve thought that a Mumford and Sons track will work on Taylor? His vocals were nice. There’s a beautiful grit in his delivery that I find really gorgeous. And everything just worked.


12. Third D3gree
‘Til The World Ends
Top 11

– The remix choice was brilliant. Somehow the individual acts were used perfectly on this Britney tune. The rap verses? Fantastic. Even the other two singers delivered really good job.


11. Jiordan Tolli
Top 6

– The performance lacks that angst quality that Lorde has but somehow Jiordan made me love her version. It wasn’t a straight on copy but it didn’t really rearrange anything to make it sound polarizing. It was, in the simplest words, a pleasant, charming performance.


10. Taylor Henderson
I Won’t Let You Go
Top 12

– He begins the song spot on. Whew! The whole thing sounded nice. His vocal choices were delicious. His tone, oh my God!, lovely! I think he is a serious threat on that crown. He is charming, marketable and has a really interesting yet radio pop voice.


9. Dami Im
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Top 7

– Here’s the thing: It was amazing. The vocals were on point. Her dynamics were incredible. The vocal stylings were gorgeous. But I am with Redfoo here. It is like something I already expected from her. This is great but lacks that extra “uhmp” that will blow me away. But still, this is vocally outstanding!


8. Dami Im
Purple Rain
Top 11

– Her vocals soared like it never really want to fall. The production looked exquisite. Her delivery? Amazing! Probably one of her best performance to date and one of the best of the whole franchise.


7. Third D3gree
Battle Scars
Top 5

– Beautifully done! This group can really deliver. From the individual verses to their harmonies and the rap part? Gorgeous! It adds dynamics that the performance needed.


6. Taylor Henderson
Wake Me Up
Top 6

– Woah! I never expected this from Taylor. I mean, I know he can sing but to actually work the stage and command it effortlessly is pretty remarkable. Plus, his vocals didn’t suffer to say the least and his pitch was on point all the time. Great stuff!


5. Dami Im
Best Of You
Top 8

– Minus the weird outfit choice, this is actually a serious revealing performance from Dami. I never expect her to deliver a rock song this well. I mean, her projection was super nice. Her vocals? Right on the money. Everything just worked perfectly. It wasn’t rocked too much neither rocked too less. It has the sense of a bit of both world and yet she delivered an outstanding one.


4. Third D3gree
By The Way
Top 8

– From the beginning right until the end, I was glued to them. Their individual verses were outstanding. The rap part is seriously delicious and great. The whole production looked legit. Everything just worked perfectly for them this week. This is a really big redemption arc after that horrible performance last week.


3. Jiordan Tolli
Top 11

– A slow down version could either be a miss or a hit. This is a hit for me! The arrangement celebrated the beauty in Jiordan’s voice. It wasn’t the usual overproduced performance. Therems sensibility, originality and vocal on point in here that made me think that Jiordan could really be a serious contender in this competition.


2. Taylor Henderson
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Top 4

– The beginning alone could sell records already. It was beautifully done. His phrasing was fantastic and his nuanced was lovely. The other half when it sounded more like a fusion of country and folk, I felt a bit off, but it somehow manage to create texture in this performance from Taylor. So I digress eventually. Haha. Nonetheless, this is probably his best performance to date and a good showing pre-finals!


1. Dami Im
Top 12