American Idol 15: Notable Auditions

As the end of an era is getting near, the reality competition that started it all is doing its swan song as the final season premiered weeks ago.

Usually, I cover all the auditions episode but I still get emotional knowing that this will be the LAST. *tears* And also due to some scheduling conflicts – busy work. I am still pleased to cover the reality show that I love and love to hate at times and see if the final season will be as good as the early days or if talent is still massive like the usual seasons we had.

I have compiled the best – at least for me – and notable auditions that blew me away as the season started. I wanted to do the city by city episode recap but then I just feel like some of those given with a golden ticket were premature and some good talent were let go. But still this is a good crop of fantastic auditions for American Idol Season 15.

Check them out.

Jessica Cabral
Brand New Kind Of Me

– Gorgeous!!! Hands down one of my favorite auditions this season and probably ever. There is a clarity to her voice that is evident and a richness that is silky and smooth and effervescent. Jessica sounded fantastic and effortless and I just love it.

Trent Harmon

– When his package says farms and cows and his accent is country, I was so ready to not care at all as I am not the biggest country fan. But once he opened his mouth and begin to sing, boy, Trent Harmon blew me away! It was delicious and delicate and his falsetto is simply gorgeous. The way he navigated his verses was fantastic and his phrasing? oooh lala!

Mackenzie Bourg
Judges’ Songs Medley

– I would’ve write him as a kiss ass for doing this but I won’t as the audition was just beautiful. The transition from one judge’s song to the other was riveting and Mackenzie had this gorgeous tone that worked on all songs. Beautiful!

Sonika Vaid
Look At Me

– Lovely tone. Gorgeous voice. Fantastic phrasing. Great vocal control. What’s missing? That sense of command that will make you take her notice. But for an audition, this is solid.

Manny Torres
This Love

– There’s a confidence in him that is undeniable and not cocky which is adorable and admirable. But more than that, Manny actually has a quality in his tone that is nice and compelling. It sounded smooth and lovely. And the liberties he took were pretty good! The runs were delicious.

Tristan McIntosh
Why Baby Why

– This reminds me of when Jax (Season 14) auditioned and everything was just set for a front runner status. Deservingly so especially for an audition. Tristan had that emotional connection with the song that transcends beautifully and touches you effortlessly. Her tone is gorgeous. How she navigated the verses were delicate and it was just a simple, lovely performance.

Olivia Rox
When I Was Your Man

– At first, I felt iffy with how she navigated her verses but then it grew on me and just felt unexplainable shivers. It was in the end a gorgeous piano driven cover – taking each verses with so much delicate carress and he phrasing is sinply beautiful!

Avalon Young

– Let’s be real, there is nothing really groundbreaking in this audition from Avalon but the water cooler quality and the effervescent vibe from her quite sold me in. Then to be fair, she sounded gorgeous and had great control to her material. It may be my weakest of the best of my choices for this season’s set of best auditions but I still think this is gorgeous!


X Factor UK 12: Auditions (7)

X Factor UK 12

Final night of auditions and boot camp will start tomorrow! Yay, finally. Are we going to see more impressive or underwhelming auditions tonight? We will see. From their count, there are 180 people who made it to the next stage.

Now, let us see who among from tonight’s auditions are added to that 180 people.

Megan DallasWaterfalls
– The acoustic take is a refreshing one for the song. Though, the rap part felt a bit rush, her voice sounded really nice. I like this. 7

Kerrie-Anne PhillipsWe Found Love
– Too stylished take on the song but I think she has a nice voice. 6

Lucy Duffield If I Ain’t Got You/I Have Nothing
– The first song was decent, the second thought tired is better. But what I like about Lucy the most is that she had this raw and rich tone that is backed up with immense quality of range. 6.5

Nige & KayUp
– Nige is a favorite of mine. That dude has a nice voice. And he is very charismatic. Kay could sing too, although I feel like Nige overshadowed her unintentionally. 7

LouelOne Last Time
– This is the opposite of Nige and Kay because in this tandem, El sounded better than Lou. She has this nice tone to her that I think overpowers the guy and the guy is finding it hard to meet his pitch. 6

The ShuresLove Me Like You Do
– Eh. I agree with Simon, Gabriel is the better singer but the whole thing is uneven for me. I don’t know, they looked lovely together but the singing didn’t work for me. 5

Andy TaylorShut Up & Dance
– Haha the judges stole the thunder for the poor guy. Man, he was trying to do his best in singing but all eyes were in to the naughty judges. He is so-so. So yeah. 5

Anton BanaghanBudapest
– Raw and has potential but the antics went too much for me. It was bordering more on trying to impress than actually making an impressive delivery. 6

Ollie MarlandI’m Your Man
– Nice voice and marketable, but completely forgettable. 6.5

Joseph McCaulA Change Is Gonna Come/I Wanna Dance With Somebody
– Decent but dated. Even the slowed down Whitney Houston song he did felt old fashioned. 6

Menn On PointTurn It Up
– Not feeling it! I feel like they are entertaining as entertainers but as singers, they lack that technicality. 6

Sherilyn Hamilton ShawI Didn’t Know My Own Strength
– Sob story and then Cheryl cried her eyes out. But to be fair, she sounded pretty nice. It wasn’t perfect but there is vulnerability to it that created dynamics to a song that felt dated on its second half. 6.5

X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (5)

X Factor Australia 7

This is the last episode of the auditions for the 7th season of X Factor Australia. So far, we are stacked with so much talent this season. Will tonight’s last episode show us even more and great talents?

Here are the people featured on the episode that made it.

Isaiah Firebrace It Will Rain
– The vocals sounded a little thin for me or was it a bit uneven in parts? There are bright moments but not really as solid as I wished it would have been. 6

The Fisher Boys Jealous
– What a surprise! There is something fresh about them that makes me excited. It seems like these boys could do varieties in this competition that will change the tempo of the show every now and then. Plus, they actually sounded pretty good! 7.5

Father Rob Galea – Don’t You Worry Child
– Who would’ve thought. This is the case of I expected it but not really, if that makes any sense. The vocals were solid and Rob’s tone actually is pretty. 7

Melanie Driver River Deep, Mountain High
– She started shaky but she picked up towards the end. Although she became too screamish that I feel like it was her way to deviate most of her pitch issues and off key moments. 5

Gazele Best Of My Love
– Energetic, fun and entertaining! Vocals were solid too. 7

Davey Denis – She Wants To Move
– Eh. Not interested. Meh. 3

Finnin – Ho Hey
– Strong harmonies. Beautiful tone! Lovely vocals. 7

X Factor UK 12: Auditions (6)

X Factor UK 12

Night 6 of Auditions and I feel quite tired already. Lol. I can’t wait to move forward to the next stage of competition because I feel like the auditions are taking forever already.

Okay, now on to those who made it to tonight’s episode.

Havva RebkeMasterpiece
– Interesting rich tone. Weird phrasing. Strong vocals all in all. 7

PYTGotta Work
– Uneven vocals and no solid harmonies but they sounded pretty nice in parts. They are in a tight number of competition in terms of girl groups this season. 6

Calypso LarrazetMommy
– Her voice is quite range-y. Although she lacks strong stage command. Interesting tone as well.  6.5

Katie ColemanBreak Free
– An acoustic take on this EDM pop song of Ariana Grande hit brings out a lot of emotions that the song had. Surprisingly, Katie worked with her material so well and she was well connected that you could “feel” her. Vocals were also good albeit uneven sometimes. 7

Neneth LyonsSomewhere
– Shaky beginning but once she picked up, she never looked back! Technically great, vocally impressive, overall a bit outdated. 7

Brodie KellyHey There Delilah
– Charismatic and very marketable. Decent voice. 6.5

Ben ClarkHere Without You
– Too close to the original. Eh. 6

Sunday ClubToo Close
– I don’t know if I want to take them seriously or not. Vocally not even bad nor that great. So-so. 6

Joe WallerStay
– For an original song, this is quite hook free. Decent voice but not that memorable. 6

Kiera WeathersWe Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
– Vocals were nice. Uneven in some parts but she has a strong stage presence. 7

X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (4)

X Factor Australia 7

Night 4 of the auditions. This is turning out to be pretty strong group of artists that actually made it so far. I am still wondering how on Earth will the four mentors will break down their categories during Boot Camp’s 5 Chair Challenge!

Anyway, this will be the second to the last night for the Auditions week so let’s get it on.

Andrew Lambrou – Chains
– Andrew actually sounded pretty nice here. Not perfect but he somehow managed to hit the right notes when needed. Plus, he is a star. He is very charismatic and marketable that it will not take him too long to build an army of people that could rally for him in the competition in the long run. 6.5

Martika Cetinich – Bang, Bang
– Eh. I don’t know. This was decent at its best but I felt like for most parts, the vocals were uneven. There are pitch issues here and there. 6

Paris Inc. Lips Are Movin’
– They’re back!… and with a new member. They sounded even better than last season. I am still baffled on how Dannii lets them go but I guess that wasn’t just the right time for them. Here, the girls had more solid harmonies and the vocals were tighter. Great stuff! 7

Michael Duchesne – For Once In My Life
– It felt still like a wedding singer. I don’t know. If I close my eyes, I could still hear him like he was still singing in a wedding. I feel like there is something cheesy in his vocal choices that made it sound like a wedding reception intermission. Not bad but it is lacking. 6

Nazzareene – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World
– Wow that range is unbelievable and what the hell is Chris is talking about. But then that is what is good (and bad?) with music, not everyone has the same taste. The vocals weren’t perfect sure, but I am pretty sure Chris, this wasn’t bad. 6.5

Mahalia Simpson – Just Like A Star
– Wow! Oh. Wow. Mahalia just nailed it. I absolutely love this and Mahalia’s unassuming personality is backed up with this solid, strong audition that noone would expect. Her vocals were lovely. There is subtlety to it and she knew how to navigate her dynamics strong and beautiful. Lovely! 8

X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (3)

X Factor Australia 7

From the get go, my initial thought about Chris Isaak is that he will be like Simon Cowell or Howard Stern but that is like completely different from what he is showing on the show. That guy is sweet and funny. Haha.

I am surprised on how the chemistry between the new panel is working out. There are a couple of awkward to lame moments but I digress. Guy Sebastian is a bit… interesting while James Blunt just can’t really keep that smile away from his face. Lol.

Now let us see who were featured on night 3 of the auditions round.

Emilia Kelberg Shelter
– The haunting quality to her voice is enchanting. It’s like a lullaby and at the same time there is something ghostly. The vocals were not perfect but it is something different and interesting. 7

Panda Let It Be
– He is so adorable! Panda is such a joy and a ray of positivity. He sings quite decent too. Although, there are some off key parts, I just really didn’t care. 6.5

Louise Adams – Feeling Good
– She has quite a range! Her voice is quite powerful and she was able to deliver a solid version of the song. 6.5

Jenny Denny – Your Song
– Her take is most likely the same version of that of Ellie Goulding’s. She actually has that quality on her voice that reminds me of Ellie. While her delivery isn’t perfect, she is quite an interesting piece for the show. Her quirky personality and interesting tone could be a perfect mix for diversity. 6.5

Aaron Taylor – Rise Like A Phoenix
– Solid vocals and for Aaron to take this Eurovision winning song, I must say he is brave. There are parts that felt screamish but for most, it was actually a good vocal performance. 7

X Factor Australia 7: Auditions (2)

X Factor Australia 7

Night 2 of the auditions and the new season of this X Factor franchise is off to a good start: Last night, we saw some pretty good talents so I am hoping tonight will give us more.

Now on to the show.

Cyrus Villanueva Earned It
– This was a fantastic acoustic take on The Weeknd’s hit. It was smooth, sexy, gritty and gorgeously delivered. Cyrus’ vocal choices were lovely too. 8

Georgia Denton Beautiful Disaster
– While I wish she slowed it down more, there is no denying that Georgia sang the beauty out of this Kelly Clarkson song. Her phrasing was lovely. Her tone is impeccable and the pitch is simply impeccable. 7

Jimmy Davis – Oh Darlin’
– Gritty and range-y. I didn’t expect Jimmy to pull a textured acoustic cover of this Beatles’ song. 7

Lazy J & Big Guy – I’m Not The Only One
– These duo lacks passion and push. Seriously, their audition is too laid back almost uninspired and I could see why the judges were somewhat unsure with them. The rap part was nice and the singing was uneven. 5

Shannon Hancock – All I Want
– There’s a richness to her tone that worked with song. She started shaky but once she had her groove and the performance progressed, it got better and it was really good. 7

Dan Hamill – The Way You Make Me Feel
– Nothing really groundbreaking here because I believe we see such thing in some musicians of today (Michael Buble, Postmodern Jukebox, et. al) but what I like with Dan is that there is a quiet confidence in him that is charming. And he can really sing! He has a gorgeous tone and a lovely phrasing. 7

Mama Julz Disco Inferno
– Decent karaoke version. Next. 5.5

Michaela Baranov – My Love
– Her style is too pageant-y. The vocals were shaky but the connection to the material is undeniably impeccable. I wish for a stronger vocals but I digress. 6.5