New Track: Demi Lovato – Body Say

Demi Lovato has released her newest single, “Body Say”. It is yet again another sexy tune. The mid-tempo pop single allows Demi’s vocals to be more front and center but it still had that hook that makes it memorable.

Check out the single below:


New Track: Katy Perry – Rise

Katy Perry is back with new music and in charge now for the themesong of the Rio Olympics 2016. I am not sure if this is also the lead single of her untitled album but who cares, it is Katy! Haha.

“Rise” which is an uplifting power pop tune is a perfect fit for the Olympics especially with its theme. I just wish it is more hook-laiden track but I digress.

Check out the song below:

New Track: Britney Spears (ft. G-Eazy) – Make Me

Britney Spears has been performing on Vegas doing her sold out shows. After her let ys say not so successful collaboration with Iggy Azalea (“Pretty Girls” anyone?), Britney is making a comeback with a really better tune. “Make Me”, another collaboration, is an R&B, EDM infused single that celebrates Britney’s sweet voice. No, this isn’t extravagant or bubblegum pop tune like “Toxic” or “Sometimes” or “Circus” but I actually like this. The backtrack reminds me of Taylor Swift/B.O.B’s “Both of us” but I digress. The infusion of G-Eazy’s rap also added texture on this single.

Check out the song below:

New Track: Rihanna – Sledgehammer

Rihanna has released her newest music video and the music heavyweight has been having a fantastic year and this Star Trek motion picture soundtrack will for sure be part of her growing musical credentials. The single entitled “Sledgehammer” is a midtempo – ballad that allows Rihanna to be more vulnerable and vocally inspired.

Check out the video and single below:

New Track: Fifth Harmony (ft. Fetty Wap) – All In My Head (Flex)

Fifth Harmony has dropped their newest video and the follow up single to their smash hit, “Work from home”. The single, “All in my head (flex)”, is a collaboration featuring breakout rapper Fetty Wap! The track is very catchy and infectious and this could be another hit from the girl group. Oh, the video is really hot and full of hot bodies and skimpy bikinis. Haha

Anyway, check out their videos below:

New Track: DNCE – Toothbrush

New pop band DNCE has released their newest video and a follow up from their megahit Cake by the ocean and collaboration with Hailee Steinfeld’s Rock Bottom. The single entitled “Toothbrush” is yet another hook laiden single with underlining sexual innuendos but definitely a radio friendly single that will for sure be a hit to the audience. Love it!

Check out their video below: