Movie Review: The Boy Next Door (’15 Rob Cohen)


Noah (Ryan Guzman) blurted a line that is both sexy and funny, “I love your mother’s cookies!” and the film bursts into myriad of satisfaction and I love (him) the film. The Boy Next Door is a terrible film but it’s not. Yup, it is a contradiction at large. The writing is flawed, the phasing needed work and how it was crafted is a little off. But let’s be real, the film isn’t peg for an Oscar trophy nor do we even expect something spectacular from Jennifer Lopez? But to be honest, the film is actually entertaining. It was hilarious if it is needed. The steamy, sexy and intense moments were crafted in a not so offensive way. The innuendos were hilarious and sexy at the same time. The narrative is underwhelming but it has potentials. The cast, though not the best actors in the world, worked well. Ryan Guzman is the perfect boy next door: charming, good looking, hot and has the nicest ass. And can I just say that Jennifer Lopez looked like she is just in her mid-20s? That girl is so fine and gorgeous! Their chemistry is surprisingly good. Going back to the film, the transition actually worked for me. It keeps us entertained. Ryan Guzman’s acting surprised me as well. Though not consistent, his body of work from creating that charming boy next door facade and then change into this psychopath obssesed guy is actually pretty remarkable. The film isn’t the best film to date but it actually is worth your money. Critically, ofcourse it won’t work for them but on a non-critic perception, this is actually beyond expectations. 7