American Idol 13: 20 Best Performances(Wrap-Up)


Caleb Johnson has been crowned as the new American Idol and if I’ll be very honest, I am not sure if his post-Idol career will be as successful as his run on the show. I would prefer if America voted for Jena Irene. Lol.

With that being said, it is a season of artist and singer-song writers where most of the contestants are far from pop artists. Haha. It is a rollercoaster ride this season. Some weeks are really great while some weeks, you just hate watching the contestants. Oh, though talents are impressive this season.. it is so hard to root for any of the contestant unlike the past seasons no? Well this is tad better than Season 12 and 9 still. Haha.

Anyway, here are my chosen 20 performances that I consider the bests of the season.


20. Jessica Meuse
Summertime Sadness
Top 5

– It is liberating to see Jessica in this way. And she pulled it off really well. Her vocals suited the song. It was gorgeously sang and beautifully phrased.


19. Alex Preston
Always On My Mind
Top 6

– His vocals cracked a bit but there is a beautiful quality in his delivery that I adore. The simplistic style and the vocals – front and center – were delicious and lovely.


18. Majesty Rose
Rush Week

– The colored vocals and cool interpretation created a distinct style for Majesty. That is the beauty with her voice. It sounds so easy and warm. This is a really nice take of the song which I think worked really well for her.


17. Jessica Meuse
You & I
Top 4

– Jessica recovered from the underwhelming two performances she did before this and her vocals soared really beautiful on the track. It was gorgeously phrased. Her transition sounded natural and her grit is simply lovely.


16. Alex Preston
Say Something
Top 4

– The arrangement worked despite some minor flaws. His voice sounded divine and the staging looked really beautiful.


15. Emily Piriz
Glitter In The Air
Top 13

– And then this happened. That night, Emily completely outperformed her competition. The song did her well. Her vocals was tasteful. The liberties she took sounded really nice and her delivery is simply beautiful.


14. Sam Woolf
Time After Time
Top 8 Redux

– The acoustic take is nothing really new with the track but with Sam, his vocals were front and center. You would hear how beautiful his tone is and his pitch is just perfect.


13. Alex Preston
Top 3

– I am not sure about this performance but watching it back, I knew why it worked. There is something special about this performance that worked. Alex’s vocals were stunning and the arrangement created texture different from the melancholic, R&B ballad of Rihanna. Here it is powerful yet sublime.


12. Caleb Johnson
Dazed & Confused
Top 9

– He rocked the song like no one else can. And that is what’s good with Caleb, when he is in his element, he shines! His vocals were insane. His stage presence is unbelievable. A couple of butchered notes turned scream but I digress.


11. Alex Preston
Top 8

– For an original song, this is infectious, catchy and to be honest a good one. It is radio ready, current and somewhat relatable. The simple arrangement made it easy to embrace.


10. Jessica Meuse
Blue Eyed Lie
Top 8

– For an original song, this is pretty impressive. The vocals were strong. The dark, edgy and yet emotionally attached writing and arrangement made this performance more so a fantastic one.


9. Caleb Johnson
Maybe I’m Amazed
Top 4

– Eventual winner’s best performance in my book. This showed us that Caleb is a singer with a delicate dynamics. It wasn’t just the screaming same old party he did every now and then. There were emotions in here, there’s a proper build up and the whole thing just speaks volumes of great vocal dimension.


8. Alex Preston
A Beautiful Mess
Top 13

– With only the guitar, a spotlight and Alex’s gorgeous tone? This is a knocked out performance that is worth mentioning. It was lovely at its best and everything, especially his vocals, were spot on.


7. Jena Irene
Rolling In The Deep
Top 8

– The first half is fabulous, the second half is golden. The arrangement sounded authentic especially the first half and once the band hits in, everything just came together. Oh, did I mention, she sounded great? Yup she is.


6. Malay Watson
When I Was Your Man
Top 10

– Malaya has probably the best growth arc in the competition. Her performances were gradually getting better each and every week and I love the fact that she is listening from the technical stuff that Keith and Harry are advising her, to the stage presence that Jennifer is reminding her. She peaked beautiful in this performance. It was full of dynamics, her vocals were strong and everything just came together.


5. Jena Irene
Unbreakable Me
Wild Card

– Probably the best out of all the original songs performed in that season. It sounded radio friendly. Her vocals were great and the writing was just relatable and strong.


4. Sam Woolf
It’s Time
Top 6

– I personally think that this is in both critics and the season’s most underrated performance. To be honest, the performance showed us personality and confidence that was missing from Sam since his audition. His vocals were spot on and he delivered a really compelling performance that night.


3. Jena Irene
Top 11

– The performance was incredible. It was vocally impressive and the dynamics were reallys trong. Her voice sounded nice and the way she navigated her verses is simply spot on.


2. Jena Irene
Top 7

– Perfect song choice for her! Her vocals were superb. The dynamics were head strong and when she soared, it was magnificently powerful!


1. Jena Irene
Can’t Help Falling In Love
Top 4

– On paper, this is potentially be a mess but something happened and Jena made it work for her strengths. Her vocals were fantastic. The arrangement sounded original and savvy. The emotional connection was there and the dynamics, oh my god! It was an absolute great job!


The Voice US 6: 20 Best Performances (Wrap-Up)


Season 6 is basically a battle between Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie, the latter is the foreseen front runner. With a little touch of good to great performances from other contestants, this season will go down as the season both the production and the coaches doing some riskiest moves. The ridiculous Instant-Save is still on play and that actually saved the butt of Christina Grimmie — who placed 3rd — to eventually get eliminated pre-finals. Twice Battle Rounds stage is simply…. stupid? And of course, eventual winner, was supposed to be eliminated during that round thanks to Usher’s precious steal.

But then with those boo-boos in the playing field, this season still produced probably two of the best performance ever performed in this show… EVER. And the will go down on this show’s history.

Nonetheless, with Usher taking a break and Shakira on her maternity leave after this season.. I am here to present my list of 20 Best Performances of Season 6.


20. Delvin Choice
Bright Lights
Live Shows – Top 10

– There’s a confidence in his performance that created swag and ease that resonated well in his stage presence. The vocals weren’t perfect but he manged to keep us entertained.


19. Jake Barker
She Will Be Loved
Live Play-Offs

– I like Jake. His tone is lovely and smooth. There’s something pleasant about his delivery that I root for. I must admit, the performance is not perfect at all. But the light quality backed with his solid falsetto made me want to look forward on his chances on the show. Too bad, Adam is way too invested with Delvin.


18. T.J Wilkins & Cierra Mickens
Get Here
Battle Rounds 2

– The only battle that mattered this season. Haha. The song choice felt perfect for the two. They managed to deliver solid verses and then matched each other during the times when needed. Plus, there vocals were on point all the time.


17. Madilyn Paige
Blind Auditions

– The quality of her voice seems to be a favorite on this show. From Melanie Martinez to Caroline Pennell to Holly Henry, we’ve heard that before. Her vocals cracked in parts but her vocal
choices is simply stunning. The way she navigated her verses felt silky smooth albeit some wobbly notes.


16. Josh Kaufman
One More Try
Blind Auditions

– Vocally stunning. Solid falsetto. Great dynamics. Amazing audition.


15. Kat Perkins
Live Shows – Top 5

– This performance is polarizing. And to sing a Sia song, it will be brave and risky. But for me, Kat made it work with her voice. It wasn’t perfectly delivered but she was able to connect with song and at the same time, she was singing on pitch.


14. Audra McLaughlin
Results Night

– Why did Blake not give these kinds of song to her during the past weeks? This is perfect for her. There is so much personality. It matches her age. She was singing on point and it wasn’t boring at all.


13. Bria Kelly
Steamroller Blues
Blind Auditions

– That grit on her voice is delicious. The way she masterfully control it but still unleash a power that is compelling made me consider her as this season to watch for. I hope she won’t crumble further on.


12. Josh Kaufman
I Can’t Make You Love Me
Live Shows – Top 8

– As tired as the song choice is (seriously Usher?), this is still a solid performance from Josh. His voice is silky smooth. His control is fantastic. And his delivery is vulnerable enough that it was able to surface peacefully and sweetly around the stage. You just have to be drawn at him during this moment.


11. Christina Grimmie & Adam Levine
Somebody That I Used To Know

– Christina and Adam were perfect match at this point. Their ability to support each other while giving solid verses is impeccable. Their tone was simply gorgeous.


10. Caleb Elder
Groove Me
Blind Auditions

– Underratedly entertaining. And it is not just because he was funny, but his delivery is full of personality. Not to mention, his pitch was on point and his tone is lovely yet pop quirky.


9. Dani Moz
Edge Of Glory
Live Play-Offs

– Dani, all this time, is living under the radar. I never really thought she existed until this. It was smart, not perfect but compelling. Her tone was gorgeous. The phrasing is lovely. Her vocal dynamics were spot on.


8. Christina Grimmie
How To Love
Live Shows – Top 8

– Not as successful as that Drake track she did, still Christina delivered a pretty solid attempt to rearrange this hip-hop track. It’s like she mastered that style no? A little shrill during the high register but I find this still, outstanding.


7. Josh Kaufman
Love Runs Out
Live Shows – Top 5

– Josh was pegged as someone who can only sing R&B Ballad and boom he did One Republic. an uptempo track that showcased how fantastic a vocalist Josh is. His pitch was nice. His vocal control is spot on. His delivery, to me, is entertaining and technically strong. Never thought this will work, but he proved all of us wrong.


6. Christina Grimmie
Wrecking Ball
Blind Auditions

– Probably will go down as the best audition for this season. Christina was famous on youtube prior this show and her take on this Miley Cyrus hit is, in simple terms, fantastic! Her tone is lovely. Her dynamics were amazing. The way she navigted her verses is impeccable!


5. Christina Grimmie
Dark Horse
Live Shows – Top 12

– The first verse added color to this performance. When she started on that dark, haunting style.. it made me want to look forward on what she’s up to next. There is build up here and it worked effortlessly. Her tone sounded beautiful albeit shrill in parts. Her phrasing is fantastic and over all she managed to pull off something like this.


4. Tess Boyer
Live Play-Offs

– Tess’ ability to transition from her high registers to the low ones and go back and forth is simply amazing. Her tone sounded nice. Her delivery is nuanced beautifully. And that glory note? Right on the money!


3. Josh Kaufman
It Will Rain
Live Play-Offs

– There’s drama in his performance that isn’t theatrical. His tone provided color in this performance. His phrasing sounded beautiful and his delivery, passionate and soulful!


2. Josh Kaufman
Stay With Me
Live Shows – Top 12

– Josh proved to us why he is a dependable vocalist and how strong he is in ballads. His delivery is simply beautiful. It was phrased gorgeously. It was, in the right word, divine!


1. Christina Grimmie
Hold On, We’re Going Home
Live Shows – Top 10

– Seriously? FANTASTICLY GENIUS!!!! Christina brought her A-Game with this performance and I swear there’s no stopping her. This was simply: AH-MAY-ZIIING!