American Idol 15: Notable Auditions

As the end of an era is getting near, the reality competition that started it all is doing its swan song as the final season premiered weeks ago.

Usually, I cover all the auditions episode but I still get emotional knowing that this will be the LAST. *tears* And also due to some scheduling conflicts – busy work. I am still pleased to cover the reality show that I love and love to hate at times and see if the final season will be as good as the early days or if talent is still massive like the usual seasons we had.

I have compiled the best – at least for me – and notable auditions that blew me away as the season started. I wanted to do the city by city episode recap but then I just feel like some of those given with a golden ticket were premature and some good talent were let go. But still this is a good crop of fantastic auditions for American Idol Season 15.

Check them out.

Jessica Cabral
Brand New Kind Of Me

– Gorgeous!!! Hands down one of my favorite auditions this season and probably ever. There is a clarity to her voice that is evident and a richness that is silky and smooth and effervescent. Jessica sounded fantastic and effortless and I just love it.

Trent Harmon

– When his package says farms and cows and his accent is country, I was so ready to not care at all as I am not the biggest country fan. But once he opened his mouth and begin to sing, boy, Trent Harmon blew me away! It was delicious and delicate and his falsetto is simply gorgeous. The way he navigated his verses was fantastic and his phrasing? oooh lala!

Mackenzie Bourg
Judges’ Songs Medley

– I would’ve write him as a kiss ass for doing this but I won’t as the audition was just beautiful. The transition from one judge’s song to the other was riveting and Mackenzie had this gorgeous tone that worked on all songs. Beautiful!

Sonika Vaid
Look At Me

– Lovely tone. Gorgeous voice. Fantastic phrasing. Great vocal control. What’s missing? That sense of command that will make you take her notice. But for an audition, this is solid.

Manny Torres
This Love

– There’s a confidence in him that is undeniable and not cocky which is adorable and admirable. But more than that, Manny actually has a quality in his tone that is nice and compelling. It sounded smooth and lovely. And the liberties he took were pretty good! The runs were delicious.

Tristan McIntosh
Why Baby Why

– This reminds me of when Jax (Season 14) auditioned and everything was just set for a front runner status. Deservingly so especially for an audition. Tristan had that emotional connection with the song that transcends beautifully and touches you effortlessly. Her tone is gorgeous. How she navigated the verses were delicate and it was just a simple, lovely performance.

Olivia Rox
When I Was Your Man

– At first, I felt iffy with how she navigated her verses but then it grew on me and just felt unexplainable shivers. It was in the end a gorgeous piano driven cover – taking each verses with so much delicate carress and he phrasing is sinply beautiful!

Avalon Young

– Let’s be real, there is nothing really groundbreaking in this audition from Avalon but the water cooler quality and the effervescent vibe from her quite sold me in. Then to be fair, she sounded gorgeous and had great control to her material. It may be my weakest of the best of my choices for this season’s set of best auditions but I still think this is gorgeous!


The Voice UK 5: Blind Auditions (4)

The Voice UK 5

Now I’m back in the train as I got really entertained and impressed with the pool of talent on tonight’s episode. There were clear stand outs and some potential artists that I think will do well in the course of the competition.

Paloma Faith scored a big one tonight!

Now on to the episode.

Aliesha Lobuczek

– Gorgeous! Look the version wasn’t at all perfect but for starter of the episode, Aliesha somehow set the bar high especially with a string of lackluster past episodes already. There is a delicate quality to her delivery that I like. Her tone is lovely and she put on some dynamics to it. Sure she needed more breathing and vocal support on parts, but this could still work. 7

Alaric Green
Broken Vow
[Team RICKY]

– Alaric has surprised me especially with his look and style, I never expected that big old, classic voice he has in him. And he sang the hell of the song quite nice with his perfect notes. One thing though, the performance as it progress felt sleepy and tired. But then again this is unexpected, truly you should never judge a book by its cover. 6.5

Marvin Gaye
[Team WILL]

– He begins with a solid case back up with a gorgeous tone. His transitions were nice and there is confidence in his delivery. He hit a couple of wobbly notes towards the end but I would take this more than half of the previous auditions from the previous episodes. 7

J Sealy
The First Cut Is The Deepest
[Team BOY]

– His voice is decent with some phrasing that sounded muddled in parts. The first half sounded nice but the performance itself didn’t really go anywhere. 6

Steve Devereaux
The Lady Is A Tramp

– Not that bad. A bit old fashioned and it sounded too lounge-y for me. 5

Heather Cameron-Hayes
Life On Mars
[Team BOY]

– Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. Her pitch was all over the place. She hit so many bad notes. This is miserable. 3

Kevin Simm

– Holy cow! Sia’s Chandelier is so difficult to sing – ask Sia herself and all those female artists who covered if – let alone in the male prospective. But Kevin just smashed it. There’s ease to his delivery that is gritty but still pop. His vocals sounded gorgeous. There is control in there. His phrasing sounded nice. This is really good! 8

New Track: Coldplay (ft. Beyonce) – Hymn For The Weekend

I would have never imagined a Coldplay – Beyonce to work but in this tune? I was pleased big time! Beyonce showed so much restraint, harmonizing well with Chris Maryin and gave us a stamp of why she is one of the most credible and dependable vocalist today. This is so good! The video is screaming with so much aesthetic love and colors! I love this. The song has an ethereal but popish quality to it!

Check out the video below:

New Track: Zayn – PillowTalk

Check out Zayn’s debut single and music video since his much publicized One Direction quit. Zayn who is sporting a more R&B flavor as his nichè is seen here with his rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid and the video is like a sexual awakening! Lol. Yup, Zayn has departed from that bubble gum pop – teeny bopper style. I am not sure if the radio will pick this up or of it will be a hit, but with Zayn still riding the One Direction fame (let’s be real) so this might be his one hit wonder or if he is very much loved by the public, a potential start of his new found debut as a solo artist.

Anyway, here is Zayn’s song Pillowtalk which is a decent but meh (for me) song!

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 3 (’16 Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Alessandro Carloni)

Starring: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jackie Chan, Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman, J.K Simmons, David Cross..
Director/s: Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Alessandro Carloni
Genre: Animation

Loved it! Usually when a film reaches its third installment, it sucks and gets dumberer. But there is liberty in Kung Fu Panda 3 that is admirable. It’s easy, light and fun. The narrative is lovely with a good touch of wit, entertainment and good treat of hearty chuckle that is family oriented and friendly. The animation is bursting with colors and the entertainment factor is on fleek. There is enough laughs and a nice touch of drama that creates a magical journey. Also, those pandas are just simply adorable, I wanna hug all of them! Nonetheless, Kung Fu Panda 3 doesn’t disappoint, in fact, I thought it was a solid offering from the visuals and narrative per se! 8

New Track: One Direction – History

One Direction has released their could be last music video before the hiatus. This single is entitled “History” which is according to the foursome, it is their anthem swan song for their fans and themselves. I love the laidback quality of this song. No big music happening, just vocals and a couple of catchy instrumentals. Oh, the video looked so sentimental, I’m gonna miss Liam and his pretty handsome face! Hehe.

Check out their video below:

New Track: Charlie Puth (ft. Selena Gomez) – We Don’t Talk Anymore

Charlie Puth has dropped the official audio of his collaboration with Selena Gomez. This is hot, hot, hot! Lovely. It was a gorgeous collaboration from them as it cherishes Charlie’s wonderful tone and celebrates Selena’s sound that has been solid and pretty in her recent hits! This is also very radio friendly so I will not be surprised if this will be a radio and chart hit!

Listen to the track below: