Movie Review: Concussion (’15 Peter Landesman)

To be fair, Concussion is a film that I never really expect so much to it prior on watching. Sure, I heard and read mixed reviews about it and the recent nomination from Will Smith somehow boost a little expectation from me but not quite. The film picks up after a while of a bit dragging moments and then celebrate its success on a solid performance from Will Smith himself. Indeed, he was stunning. anot to take away anything from the supporting cast as they delivered as well. The script was fine with some strong moments in parts that requires it to be solid. Although, some parts where you wished it was done or stretch more to have an added impact. Nonetheless, Concussion is a decent showing backed up by solid performances from its cast, in particular, Will Smith! 7.5


Movie Review: Joy (’15 David O. Russell)

Joy is in no way a perfect film but in my eyes it was a decent autobiography based taled that worked in most parts. The writing was well woven. The transition is a bit a mess though. I find the direction quite a let down as it never really cease the gorgeousness and potential of the film as a whole. Nonetheless, the winning part of Joy is that it was able to stand behind such incredible performances from the cast. From Jennifer Lawrence who I thought delivered her best to date to Bradley Cooper’s slick and stunning performance. Robert De Niro is also an added touch, giving us a well rounded all star cast performance. In the end, Joy‘s strengths definitely outweigh its weaknesses. 7.5

Movie Review: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens (’15 J.J Abrams)

The 7th episode of Star Wars is a good nostalgia – provided that the viewer has seen its predecessors. At first, I was hesitant on the idea and at the same time excited for I really am looking forward on how the production will elevate such iconic film especialy with the great advancement of technologies in the present. Boy, I was given a plate of fantastic visuals, great story telling and an end product that pulls the heartstrings and at the same time impressing me on the technical levels. JJ Abrams, the director, may not be as grande as George Lucas is but I love how he maintained the focus on the story and stayed faithful on it but still keeping his elements of surprise and giving his take on such classic film. In the end, I am still pleased and I must say I am entertained so well. Well recommended. Well done. 8.5

Movie Review: The Big Short (’15 Adam McKay)

When you have Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling leading the pack on a film that is stylistically solid and satire? The end product is a fantastic film that is needed to be seen by a large amount of people. Look, The Big Short is not perfect but it has a right mixture of appeal and hilarity, drama and fluid storytelling and a phasing that is strong and comsistent. Not to mention, the cast is superb in particular the four men of the film. Steve Carrell is proving us that his nomination of last year wasn’t a fluke, Christian Bale is once again stunning, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling were not just the eye candy but were strong contenders for supporting as well. This is a film that you perceive something but gave you a notch higher experience. I liked it! 8

Movie Review: A Second Chance (’15 Cathy Garcia-Molina)

A Second Chance in a nutshell is not a terrible film but it felt like it was trying so hard to top what its predecessor has delivered that some parts didn’t feel organic anymore. The writing was decent with some moments were like hyperbole of the reality they were trying to portray. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo once again deliver and showed how it is done and the reason why they were two of the most reliable actor and actress of their generation. If you would ask me, I prefer the authenticity of the first one that the second didn’t really achieve fully. Nonetheless, this is still a solid film from Star Cinema after a series of horrible productions recently. 6.5

Movie Review: Creed (’15 Ryan Coogler)

Creed is not the type of film that I usually see myself enjoying but it did bring out some excitement in me that got me glued. The storyline was fantastic. The writing is solid. The performances of Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone were commendable. In short, the film itself is remarkable with traces of strong phasing, wonderful cinematography and an act of solid production. Sure, I initially thought I would dislike this film but after watching it, I was blownaway. 7.5

Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur (’15 Peter Sohn)

The Good Dinosaur is not a terrible film, in fact, I enjoyed most of it but I think the film caters not the general viewing public but mainly the kids. Pixar films usually has some sense of depthness to it that elevates a kids film to a fantastic film. With here, I feel like The Good Dinosaur was a… good kid’s film. The visuals were colorful. The hilarity is top notch. The storytelling is okay. So yeah. I thought this was a good treat! 7