American Idol XIV: Top 4

It’s the top 4! Wow the end is near and I can’t wait to see who will take the idol crown. Tonight, Martina McBride performs, as well as judge Harry Connick Jr. Another idol will be eliminated and this time they held the elimination in the middle part of the show and it’s a poor taste of idea because they even ask the eliminated contestant to sing. I mean, the person is way too emotional for that. Yikes. Anyway, the remaining idols will sing two (2) songs: Judges Hometowns and Soul songs. Hmmm. Another vague theme huh?

Here is how the night went..



– This is hard to critique. Of course, I would love to see her go out in fashion but the emotional state of her provide a shaky performance with so much flats and sharp notes here and there. Hmm. And she only sang 1 song so yeah. 4.5

– –

Clark Beckham

– While there is energy behind this performance, Clark failed to connect fully and drawing us out to an almost messy delivery. The whole thing isn’t focused if that is the right term and the vocals here proved my theory in the previous weeks that his register in the recent weeks sound shrieky and thin when he tries to reach those high notes. The weird transition from the middle singing to him suddenly going a bit for a piano breakdown is jarring too. There are parts that he sounds really good but as a whole, this is a performance not as clean and focused as it was visioned for. 6

Clark Beckham

– Yup! Clark delivered his weakest performances in this crucial night and this is by far his weakest week. While I like the idea behind this performance, the risky moves from Clark and the bluesy, almost pop twist of the song would be a home run if only Clark put some connection in this performance. There is something missing in this performance for it to completely work. Maybe that sexy vibe that Harry was talking about is the missing link. But then, to be frank, the idea could work if it was executed spot on – even Clark’s vocals here are underwhelming. 6.5


– If only she stayed on the piano the whole time, this could 100% be another great performance from Jax. The first half sounds great but the second half is messy. Her vocals were weak as well and the phrasing here is a little muddled. Oh, her voice sounds hoarsed too. 6.5

Rayvon Owen

– I like the pop ballad twist he bring out here albeit some theatrical moments making his delivery too much. The vocals were fine but it lacks that connection that could elevate this to another great Rayvon performance. 7


– Whoever that back up singer is, she screwed herself and Jax’s overall performance. Haha. That back up singer’s pitch is really off. I like Jax here. Her subtle moments were sublime. Her vocals sounded beautiful despite some pitch issues. Yeah. This was fine. 7.5

Nick Fradiani

– For third week in a row, Nick had a solid night! And this performance showed us a more rock ballad of Nick. Keeping his vocals tight, maybe need more loosening up, and the strong range that he displayed is really beautiful. This could’ve been his moment if only there are parts that he was a little stiff but he is going there. This is quite beautiful! Good job! 8

Rayvon Owen

– This could pass as a potential coronation song if ever Rayvon will reach the finale no? The lyrics itself can speak volumes for a coronation song. But other than that.. this is actually a fantastic vocal performance from Rayvon. Sure, his phrasing is a little muddled but the overall impact is passionate and gorgeous. Really strong! 8

Nick Fradiani

– This is an absolute treat. Yes, there is nothing really changed or unique from here but his vocals sounded so good. His pitch was on point. The stage presence was impeccable. His charisma is undeniable. The overall vocals were strong, solid and beautiful! Nick knows what kind of artist he wants to be and his delivery on this Matchbox 20 ditty is spot on gorgeous and compelling! 8.5


On TV: Hawkeye Sings Some Ed Sheeran Tune

In line with the promotion of the new Avengers movie that will be out in the US on May 1, 2015, Jeremy Renner – who is known for playing Hawkeye in the movie – dropped by Tonight with Jimmy Fallon and sings in the piano. Yup, Jeremy sing or should I say, Hawkeye sings! Haha. This is hilarious. Jeremy is playing the piano while singing about Hawkeye’s Superpowers to the tune of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Yup this is happening!

Check out the hilarious parody below:

The Voice US 8: Top 8 – Results

The Voice US 8 - Results

This is pretty close and interesting. I am pretty of three people who are safe especially with their strong showing in the itunes chart but I am not sure who will for in the Bottom 3 and sing for the save!

Jason Derulo performs tonight. As well as this singer named, Rozzi Crane. And a country singer named Lee Brice also performs with kne of the artist.

Now on to the results.


Joshua Davis (Team Adam)
Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell)
Meghan Linsey (Team Blake)
Kimberly Nichole (Team Christina)
Koryn Hawthorne (Team Pharrell)

Wow, I was expecting Koryn will fall in the bottom especially with a poor showing in the itunes chart but I guess the song choice, impressive performance and pimp spot helped her gain votes on texts and online. Didn’t expect Corey Kent White to fall victim at this spoit though. I was actually thinking the bottom will be either any 3’s of Koryn, Meghan, India and Hannah.



– What the f is happening here? Wow. She started off pitch and end the whole performance off pitch as well. The whole thing was shaky and her vocals were forced and unpleasant. Also, did she suck out of the melody of the song? 3.5

Somebody Like You

– I never thought he will sing for tonight and for a save song, this is pretty safe and okay. The vocals were fine but nothing really something that says “save me”. There is nothing convincing to here that allows the audience to root for him. He is pretty though. 6


– The vocals here are shaky an dshe hit a couple of bummed notes especially going to the transition from her low to the high notes. A couple of wobbly notes too. But out of three this was probably the better song choice. 6.5

– –


Corey Kent White (Team Blake)
Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)

On TV: Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis on DWTS 10th Anniversary Special

Season 18 Champions, Meryl Davis and pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy are back for the 10th Anniversary special of Dancing With The Stars. They were so good in their season and now they did a spectacular dance routine to the tune of Alesso & Tove Lo’s Heroes. This is so good! Also, if you watched the tv special there was a special treat right after they performed: Maks’ audition tape. Lol. Maks is very confident and hot headed even before. Haha. That’s a funny treat. Haha.

Check out their fantastic dance routine below:

The Voice US 8: Live Shows (Top 8)

This is a rocky live show performance night for me. There are shining moments here but why do I feel like the overall scenario felt too dark. Is it because there’s too much ballads tonight? Haha.

Anyway, Matt McAndrew performed his new single tonight. Also, Blake Shelton took centerstage with his song, “Sangria”. Seriously, even in songs, Blake is drunk? Well he sings about alcohol though. You know what I mean. Haha.

Now onto the show and this is turning to be an interesting one for the results show tomorrow.

[8] Sawyer Fredericks
Simple Man

– Sawyer bore me to death tonight. His vocals got swallowed up by the band big time and the performance as whole didn’t really made anything groundbreaking nor gave us something different from what we used to seeing from him. He is just so lucky that he really is a crowd favorite that even if I think he farts on stage, he will still chart high on itunes and be safe. Sawyer has people and even if his performances were lackluster, boring and underwhelming. 4

[7] Hannah Kirby
We Don’t Need Another Hero

– This just didn’t go nowhere no? I mean the repetitive verses, the vocals that tends to shout each and every end line and I feel like her performance just went into circles. Good thing, it is the only midtempo of the night but I wish she took advantage of that. 5

[6] Meghan Linsey

– Wow. Meghan just drained the energy out of this performance big time. The whole performance is yet again super exhausting to the point that halfway, I really want it to end already. The over the top vocals, the high registers were too much.. even the dynamics felt dragging. Yes, her vocals were top notch as I thought she hit mostly her notes well but the overall was just unbearable. 5.5

[5] Meghan Nichole

– Again, Meghan sounded fine and that is not surprising anymore but the overall impact of the performance lacks that emotions that it needed. It was purely technicals to the point that at the end of her performance, I really didn’t care. Oh, also, I wish she gave a shoutout to the Postmodern Jukebox & Haley Reinhart on the live show because clearly the arrangement is a ripped of from them. 6.5

[4] Corey Kent White
When I See You Smile

– On paper, this is an epic fail waiting to happen. But somehow, Corey made the best out of the odd song choice and gave a vocals that was quite fine and refreshing from him. This is not his best performance at all but in the span of 3 live shows, this is best to date. I just wish Blake would be more invested on him because clearly with the song choices he is giving him, it shows that he prefers Hannah and Meghan more. 7

[3] Koryn Hawthorne
Girl On Fire

– Koryn delivered a stunning, slowed down version of this Alicia Keys’ hit. But even if the vocals here were really good, it also felt dragging and tired. I feel like the whole arrangement took so much time before it finally take off to a climax that didn’t really happen at all. Also, there is so much rawness to this delivery that somehow showed some of her vocal flaws. Nonetheless, this is still solid but I’m not sure if this will resonate well with the audience. 7.5

[2] India Carney
Over The Rainbow

– India delivered a restraint that was needed from her. A bombast of raw emotions and the dynamics that perfectly suited with her runs and adlibs on the song. This is a solid and strong case of variety (almost) from India. The vocals here also sounded really nice and even if there are parts that are shaky, I didn’t mind. 8

[1] Joshua Davis
Fields Of Gold

– Easily, Adam’s lone artist won the night. This is right in his wheelhouse and Joshua didn’t do too much because this kind of performance is what resonates hims to the audience. He is really a good storyteller when it comes to singing. But more than that, his vocals here are really tender and sublime. Really good stuff from Joshua who picked up a strong performance after a disastrous one from last week. 8

– –
(for Elimination)


New Track: Mariah Carey – Infinity

Mariah Carey will soon release a compilation album of her greatest hits and part of it is a new single which she released tonight. The song is entitled, “Infinity” and the auto-tune here is infinity as well. Wow. I don’t know if Mariah Carey still has it. Although, she don’t have anything to prove anymore but damn, this is another misstep from the elusive chanteuse. The tune is anti-melodic. The vocals here were uneven as well. Nonetheless, I know her league of fans will love this and some people will still enjoy this. But I just can’t help but feel like Mariah had passed her prime. She can’t sing live. She can’t lipsynch. Now autotune can’t even help her. Anyway, enough of the negativity. I still think she just needs that another hit and these negative notions about her musicality will disappear. She did it with that Miguel collaboration (“#Beautiful), so I hope another new hit will be in works soon.

Check out the lyric video of her newest song below:

On TV: Natalie La Rose & Fifth Harmony opened RDMA 2015

I’ve decided to create a new category for my blog. It is called TV MOMENTS. Basically the juice of this category to post stellar to funny and even fail moments, performances or segments on both local and international television.

First up is the fantastic opening number of Natalie La Rose and Fifth Harmony on last night’s Radio Disney Music Awards 2015.

Natalie La Rose started the show with her hit song (collaboration with Jeremih), the pop tune “Somebody”. She moves really well, although the vocals here are uneven and breathy. It must be because of her dancing her best on that stage. Still this is a really catchy track. Haha.

Following that number is a transition to Fifth Harmony singing a bit of “I wanna dance with somebody” tune and these girls sounds fantastic. Then they strut their gorgeous outfits and stellar choreography of their hit song, “Worth it”. Wow! The vocals here are pretty strong and the new choreography looked on point. Lovely!

Check out their performance below: