The Voice Australia 4: Blind Auditions (4)

The Voice Australia 4

Blind Auditions for the 4th Season of The Voice Australia continues. Tonight, we see how Delta, Jessie, Ricky and the Madden Brothers try to fill up the empty slots of their team.

Here is how the 4th night of Blinds went.

Tim McCallum
Nessun Dorma

– Eh. Not my cup of tea. The genre just doesn’t interest me so I don’t really feel this at all. Oh, and even if I don’t like the genre and song choice, to be honest? There are a couple of vocal issues here. 4

Liam Maihi

– There is a sweetness in the first part that I liked and he showed vulnerability in his interpretation that put crack in his delivery, which is adorable. When he put some grit towards the end, it showed passion albeit sounding pretty sharp. This is decent! 6.5

Laz Chester
Counting Stars

– It was an interesting start. Laz allowed his voice to be front and center and when the track picks up a couple of rhythm, it adds dynamics. While the vocals were not perfect, Laz sounded pretty decent still. 6.5

Mark Stefanoff
Burn For You

– It was too theatrical and his body movements and vocal choices showed so much of his theatrical training. I hope ricky will help him distinguish his theatrics to a performer as an artist. But this was fine. 6

Jo De Goldi
Don’t Rain On My Parade

– Hmm. It became shouty towards the moments that needed tgat high power vocals. Her pitch was wobbly in parts. It became a little thetrical as well. 6

Jason Howell
Sexy & I Know It

– This is fantastic! Yes the arrangement wasn’t original but I never expected this from Jason. The look he has seems to be like he is an indie singer, but he breakdown a pop song and turned it pretty engaging! Jason worked the stage and audience well. The performance was compelling and entertaining. 8


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